Hard to believe but I have Another fantastic new release from Makeup Revolution to share with you today! These guys just keep on creating more and more beautiful things, you won’t find me complaining, that’s for sure, my makeup collection has never held so many beautiful palettes and various other beauties!

I’ve got to be honest with you, on this one, I had hoped to get the other palette that Makeup Revolution launched in conjunction with this. There are two of these new, 32 shadow, ultra shadow palettes ‘Flawless’ which is neutrals and ‘Eyes Like Angels’ which is colours and brights. So, yes, I had really hoped for the other palette but I wish I’d been filmed whilst swatching this as you’d have seen a love affair unfold before you. I’m not kidding, colours aren’t my thing, but These colours are astonishing. I couldn’t help but gasp and go ‘ooooh’ at some of them even though there was no one to hear me! Love, love, Love this palette. I may not use colour much but I’m going to have to find some ways to use it just so I can get use from some of these!

Bit of a photo overload but I needed to show you the gorgeous packaging as well as the shades – This palette comes in a gorgeous silver box with the name embossed upon the surface, very nice and high quality feeling. The palette itself snaps shut nice and tightly and it feels really strong and sturdy, the large mirror is just fabulous.

And then you can see the shades, just Look at those shades! I’ve a couple of other photos to show you the shades in a little more detail before I share the swatches with you.

As you can see the shades are mostly shimmer, with a few mattes. There’s blues and greens, oranges and pinks, reds, purples and a few lovely neutrals too. It’s such an amazing selection and there’s some which I’m just utterly in love with. Alright then… kept you waiting long enough, time for swatches!
What I’ve done with these is tried to do a shot that shows the top row at it’s best and then a second shot showing the bottom row – But in the same shot you can see how the other shades look without their sheen. Or that’s the idea anyway! There’s 8 shades per row so the top row of swatches of these are the first four in the row, and the bottom row is the second four in that row… hope this is making sense.

So for this top photo, L-R we have ‘Black Stars’, ‘Green Dream’, ‘Peach Cream’ and ‘Orchid’

This bottom four is the last four of the top row of the palette and they are – ‘Sophisticated pink’ (just look at that deep, bright raspberry!), ‘Dream’, ‘Pink Glow’ and ‘Peacock Dream’ – There’s lots of really pale shades with different sheens to them, there’s white with pink, pink with gold etc. Very very beautiful. 

So, top four of this photo is the first four in the second row of the palette – ‘Silver Star’, ‘Emerald Night’, ‘Lilac Shimmer’ and ‘Purpled!’ – I love the deep emerald/forest green and that purple is fabulous. 

The last four of the second row is this bottom four shades – ‘Cream’, ‘Pink!’, ‘Lilac Frost’ (perfect name for this lilac/silver shade – Look how it changes in this photo, compared to the one above), ‘Award’ (wow, gorgeous gold shade) 

Top four, first four of the third row, ‘Pearl Necklace’, ‘Night Stars’, ‘Blue Sheen’ (I don’t wear blues much but this one is beautiful), ‘Pink Frosted’. 

This four is the last four of the third row and we have ‘Moss’ (Love this gold/green), ‘Molton Chocolate’ (A perfect chocolate with gold shimmer), ‘Choc!’ and then ‘Green Stars’ (I am utterly in love with this last shade, it’s hard to see but you can just make out the gorgeous golden shimmer in this super dark green shade) 

Top four of this pic is the first four of the last row of the palette – ‘Green Envy’ (this shade utterly wowed me with its turquoise with a golden shimmer), ‘Copper Dream’, ‘Bold Purple’ and ‘White Light’.

This last four shades are the last in the palette ‘Orange!’, ‘Aqua Dream’ (WOW!), ‘Truffle’ (what a perfect name for this gorgeous shade), ‘Silver Dream’.

Sorry for the complicated descriptions but it’s one heck of a palette to swatch! I’ve not added a comment on every shade I love, just a few outstanding ones, there really is endless beauty in this palette. It’s not going to be an every day one for me, but I Am going to be finding ways to use these because they deserve to be used! I am in love with this gorgeous palette. I’m quite tempted by the all neutrals one, too, when I get the chance to make an order) These palettes are only £8 which is amazing considering how many shades you get and what a good quality they are. Makeup Revolution have really pulled it out of the bag, with this one, from my point of view – They’ve made me fall in love with a palette full of colours, who’d have known that was possible?!

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*I was sent this product for the purpose of review but, as ever, the views and opinions are my own*

Book review time again! I was actually sent this book to review a few weeks ago and it didn’t take me long to read it but, with the icky few weeks we’ve had, everything’s been delayed a bit so it’s taken me a bit longer than planned to get the post up, my apologies!

‘Geek Girl: Picture Perfect’ (on Amazon HERE) is the third in Smale’s ‘Geek Girl’ series which is aimed at young adults. Who reviewed this then? You might be wondering. Well I did. You see I grew up on a series of books about a young lady called ‘Georgia Nicolson’ who was prone to getting in to a series of hilarious mishaps which, despite my being an adult now, are still rather amusing. When I read the synopsis of Holly Smale’s book I felt as though it were a similar sort of ‘coming of age’ series with an added element of ‘geek’ and I’m not one to turn away anything geeky!

As it happens I really wasn’t wrong – Harriet Manners is obsessed with boys, one boy in particular in this book as she has a Boyfriend (!), she’s got an arch nemesis at school and she’s got a fun gaggle of friends. It’s the standard ‘coming of age’ light hearted teen comedy that I knew and loved back then and still really rather enjoy at, almost, 30! There’s some pretty big differences about Harriet, though, she’s a geek in the sense that she loves school and is a walking encyclopaedia of facts (whichj always pop out at inappropriate times), she’s been a model and… her parents are about to whisk her off to New York!

I can see this being, for teens, the sort of series that the Georgia Nicolson books were for me growing up. Laugh out loud funny, rather cringe worthy and slightly unrealistic when it comes to just How many mishaps one girl can get in to, but Entirely realistic when it comes to boys and friends! As an adult it wasn’t quite the same, it never was going to be, but I found the book well written, I enjoyed the characters and definitely needed to get to the end to find out what on earth would happen to the rather loopy and quite lovable Harriet Manners.

If you’ve got a teen in your life, or if you are an adult that still enjoys YA like me, then you can buy it from Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Picture-Perfect-Geek-Girl-Book/dp/0007574568 or there’s a chance for you to win a copy of this book below! (And if you aren’t lucky enough to win Then you can buy a copy haha!)

– You must be 18 or over to enter the giveaway
– The Giveaway is open to residents of the UK only
– The winner will be picked via Rafflecopter
– There will be one winner
– The winner will have 28 days to respond to my email informing them of the win, if they do not respond another winner will be drawn.
– The giveaway runs until midnight on 29th July. 

– The winner will need to supply me with their details in order for me to pass those on to the company who’ll supply the prize

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I picked up this ‘#Selfie’ Slogan palette in my recent ‘I ♥ Makeup’ haul and I couldn’t wait to share it and post some swatch photos, it’s beautiful.

Being from the range of Slogan palettes the ‘#Selfie’ palette is purple at this angle…

…And black if you tilt it like this!

Ok, it’s totally unnecessary, but it’s quite a fun little way to catch the attention and it definitely makes this whole range stand out! As with the ‘No Pictures Please’ palette, this one comes with a free, mini primer, yay.

And here are the shades that are contained within this beauty! Oh yes, it’s another neutral based palette but I love it! There’s some really nice shades in there and… well, you’ll see the pigmentation in a moment.

At the paler end of the palette we have these five shades which are all lovely. From L-R ‘Check Us In’, ‘Me Me Me!’, ‘#Chocfix’, ‘Goldigga’ and ‘#Awks’ – The names are, clearly, linked to popular social media which should appeal to some!

And at the primarily dark end of the palette we have some more gorgeously pigmented shades. We have ‘#Love’, ‘Share This’, #Trashy’, ‘#Club’ and ‘How Many Likes?’

The palette is beautiful and, as you can see, the shades are really, really good. The social media angle isn’t something that matters much to me but I do enjoy the fun loving feel to it and the fact that the brand are trying to appeal to people in quite a current way. This beautiful palette is really compact and has more than enough beautiful shades to be a perfect travel palette.

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I’ve got a niiice big haul to share with you today – Once I knew which items the lovely I ♥ Makeup people sent me I knew which bits I needed to get the rest of my wishlist plus there was a couple of Makeup Revolution items that I wanted to pick up too.

I was, very kindly, reminded that we had a code in our BBB Dream box which would give me money off an order on the Makeup Revolution website so I used that and I saved a nice bit of money on this order – It came in at just over £30 which got me free postage! I had some good luck, too, in that my Top Cashback account had just over £30 in it so I paid for the whole order with that! Very lucky. So here’s what I got.

My goodness how exciting is that!! So many fun and quirky products all at once, I was itching to get swatching them and playing with them. For now I’ll just tell you what I got but I’ll try an get some swatch posts done soon – I’ve got Plenty to do and still haven’t even finished all of the Makeup Revolution posts I’ve got planned anyway! So many great things to share with you all!
The two Makeup Revolution items that I got were one of the new ‘Focus and Fix’ concealers and one of the cream blushes. I got the concealer because I have the palest shade but I think I need something a little darker for under my eyes so I got ‘Fair’ which is the second shade up. The cream blush shade is ‘Caramel shake’. I’ve already swatched my other shades of cream blush (here) so I’ll pop up the swatch for this on here so you can see (the camera insisted on making it look a bit darker but the swatch photo was nice and true)
As you can see, a beautiful neutral shade. On someone with darker skin this might not show up but on my pale skin it’ll make a nice, neutral blush or maybe, even, a cream contour.

The ‘Lip Geek’ lipsticks come in this rather nice looking packaging – The matte black keeps it looking sleek and then the writing adds the fun, exciting aspect. 
You may have seen in the picture above that I had two of the ‘Lip Geek’ lipsticks and two of the ‘I Heart My Lips’ lipsticks but when I came to taking photographs I realised I’d managed to order two of the same shade in the ‘I heart my lips’ formula. Bit of a ‘boo’ moment for me but I quickly decided that I’d put it in to the Summer Beauty Giveaway that I’m starting next week so it works out quite well (maybe for one of you if you keep an eye out for it!)

Anyway – The ‘Lip Geek’ lipsticks are in a bright pink, metallic look tube, and you can see the shades I picked in the above photo. The far left shade is ‘Happy Girl’ and the shade on the right is ‘Caught myself Smiling’. In the middle is the ‘I heart my lips’ lipstick which is in the shade ‘Irregular Heartbeat’.

I’d already had these four glosses in my wishlist before I got my selection of things to trial from the I ♥ Makeup team. I don’t know why but I just had a good feeling about these glosses and I was pleased when it turned out I really like the one I was sent previously. As such I kept all four of these in my cart when I did this order – A Lot of glosses for me!

From L-R we have – ‘You Go Girl’, ‘Too Cool for School’, ‘Sunshine Today Please’ and ‘Watch Out World’ – I like these glosses a lot. You’ll like the swatches I’ve got to show you when I put a post together, I’m sure of it.

I picked up three cheek products in the order, too. I already got one of the ‘I want candy’ blushes and it was one from my wishlist so I only had one, remaining, to order – The one I ordered, and is pictured above, is ‘Glowing’.

The other two are from this range of amazing baked, cheek products. I got one of the ‘Blushing Hearts’ blushes and I got ‘Blushing Heart’ which is the darkest of the blusher shades (not sure why as I tend to go for subtler blushes, clearly wanted a change). As well as that I picked up the ‘Goddess of Love’ baked highlighter because I love highlighters and this looks Amazing.

The last thing I got in my order is the ‘#Selfie’ slogan palette – I loved the ‘No Photos Please’ one and I had already considered #Selfie as it’s got more of my colours in it. It comes with a cute mini primer, too, which is such a lovely little addition. Can’t wait to show you swatches for this beauty, so so good!

So that’s my order. I’ve got plenty of things to play with, I’m going to try and get some on lip swatches of the lip products for you. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some other posts up sooner though! Let me know if there’s anything you Really want posting asap and I’ll try and get it done sooner. Hope you’re looking forward to finding out more about these products, I am!

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I love Joe Browns, have done for many years, but when you’re on a budget anything higher than the cheapest high st prices can be a bit much so I look, lovingly, through their catalogues and only buy things when I have money that’s specifically set aside for spending (so I do tend to buy at least one thing from them every birthday and christmas plus sometimes when I’ve been saving)

The times I’m most tempted, though, is when they send me a sale catalogue – Their sales are very generous and a lot of things I love often end up in the sale! Soo when the team at Joe Browns tasked me with making a Wishlist, from their up to 50% sale, of up to a value of £100, I couldn’t wait to browse the sale and see what beautiful things I could add to my list.

And here are the items I picked for my wishlist – Correct, 7 items for under £100! This lovely lot of things comes in at £98.65 which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is rather impressive! So let me tell you what I’ve got.

1 – Irresistable Top in B+W Pattern – Normal Price £19.95 – Sale Price £11.95

One thing my wardrobe lacks is tees which are long enough to go with leggings – Longer than a top, shorter than a dress, this’d look good with leggings when it’s super hot but equally as good with skinny jeans or jeggings. I love the swirling black and white pattern on this one and the gradient effect in the background colours. I think this could be dressed down for a casual time or dressed up a bit more for a night out.

2. Leggings – Normal Price £.9.95 – Sale Price £7.95

I know, you’re thinking leggings are boring! But I wanted to be able to show how £100 could create a mini summer wardrobe, in the Joe Browns sale and without the leggings there would be nothing to wear with the tops! I really do love the idea of both of the tops I’ve featured paired with leggings and some nice sandals – Perfect summer wear.

3. Things I Love Tee – Normal Price £17.95 – Sale Price £11.95

This is one of the items I looked at when I was offered some things to review for Joe Browns (The post for what I did pick is HERE and that dress is currently in the sale too!) and it’s stuck in my mind since then and I was very happy to see it in the sale. I love the long, floaty style but mostly I just love the carefree, happy text that’s written across it.

4. Beautiful Butterfly Tote Bag – Normal Price £34.95 – Sale Price £16.95

How can you have an outfit without a bag? I went for this big, tote bag partly because I really like it but also because I can imagine it being perfect for the beach, out shopping or a night out, it works easily for them all. I love how it’s black with layered colour behind the cut outs which gives it a hit of bright colour but keeps it something that’d go with most outfits. Also, such a good saving with the sale price!

5. Monochrome Print Swimsuit – Normal Price £29.95 – Sale Price £14.95

Another big saving on this beautiful swim suit. The main reason this is on my wishlist, though, is because I’m in love with it! I mean Love! I saw this is the summer catalogue and I wanted to buy it but just didn’t have the budget for almost £30 on a swim costume when I already have one and never swim. But with that costume I think that even I would want to go swimming! I just love it and I think it’d be beautiful at the beach or at the pool with your family – The light tee and leggings combos would go really well over the top of it for the beach too.

6. Vintage Lace Dress – Normal Price £39.95 – Sale Price £19.95

Can’t have a summer wishlist without a pretty summer dress! This was an easy choice for me as it’s got that beautiful vintage style, mixed with floral prints and lace – Honestly it could have been made for me!

7. Fabulous Floral Wedge – Normal Price £22.95 – Sale Price £14.95
I wanted to finish off my wishlist/mini summer wardrobe with some shoes. These called out to me the moment I started browsing as they’re simple but still pretty with the gathered, floral fabric at the front and they also don’t have too big a heel, which is impossible for me (any heel is tough but a big heel is beyond impossible) – I think I’d be able to wear these easily and they go with the dress and with the Love tee and leggings. I’m not 100% sure that they’d go with the black and white swirl top but I’d probably wear them together even if they didn’t because I’m daring like that haha!

This was Such a fun post to put together and I hope you love reading it as much as I loved making it. I know I didn’t go crazy with colour with this but I decided to keep it simple as that’s something I love but also something that would be wearable for a lot of people. Also, the legging and tee outfits could Definitely be dressed up with some brighter items if that’s the way you wanted it. I know this is a wishlist but I like the idea of making something that’d show a lot of people that they could create a mini capsule wardrobe with less than £100 and I think I definitely did that!

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*I wrote this post as part of a competition with Joe Browns, but I enjoyed writing it loads and it’s totally honest* (I didn’t win by the way)