Sunday, 15 June 2014

'Beyond Eden'* Baked Eyeshadow palette of 5 - Makeup Revolution - Swatches and Review

I shared two of the amazing Salvation palettes from Makeup Revolution's new range, with you, on Friday so I thought I'd share something else with you today. You can see the 'Run Boy Run' palette HERE and the 'What You Waiting For' palette HERE but read on to see the beautiful baked shadows offered up in these collections.

There's five colour sets for these baked shadows and I was, very kindly, sent 'Beyond Eden' which, as you can see above, contains neutrals and greens. I've also made my own order so, in the future, I'll be able to show you the 'Pure and Innocent' and 'Chocolate Deluxe' sets too. They each come with 5 shades and only cost £2.50 which is an absolute bargain.

These baked shadows have a really beautiful formula to them -  As with other baked products they'll, initially, yield a smaller amount of product but if you press a little harder, or build the shades up you'll end up with beautiful pigmentation and a real depth of colour. I really enjoy using baked shadows for the different look that they give. If you want something that's more, instantly, pigmented then you can use these wet. 

Aren't these shades just beautiful! I really like this sort of creamy white with a golden sheen to it, I don't use whites and creams often but if I do it'll be one with a golden shimmer to it that I'll reach for. The middle shade, the lighter green, has a gorgeous brightness to it whereas the darker shade is a deep forest green - Both really beautiful shades. I don't wear greens, much, but it's a shade I keep wanting to use more so I think these baked shadows will give me that push I need.

These last two shades complement the greens really well - The chocolate brown has a really nice sheen to it and the light from the golden brown will really lift a look.

All five of these shades are fantastic to swatch, the soft, light texture takes a little bit of building but not overly so. I think, for £2.50 these are amazing bargains for baked shadow lovers and if you're not so sure of them then £2.50 is the perfect price for trying them out and seeing if they'll work for you.

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*I was sent this product for the purpose of review but opinions are, entirely, my own*


  1. I am totally sold on the sparklyness of this make up.

  2. Beautiful shades, I especially love the green, I love green eye shadow, I think it looks great with blue eyes, which I have :)

    Fiona @