‘Eyes Like Angels’ Ultra Eyeshadow palette – Makeup Revolution – Swatches and first impressions

Hard to believe but I have Another fantastic new release from Makeup Revolution to share with you today! These guys just keep on creating more and more beautiful things, you won’t find me complaining, that’s for sure, my makeup collection has never held so many beautiful palettes and various other beauties!

I’ve got to be honest with you, on this one, I had hoped to get the other palette that Makeup Revolution launched in conjunction with this. There are two of these new, 32 shadow, ultra shadow palettes ‘Flawless’ which is neutrals and ‘Eyes Like Angels’ which is colours and brights. So, yes, I had really hoped for the other palette but I wish I’d been filmed whilst swatching this as you’d have seen a love affair unfold before you. I’m not kidding, colours aren’t my thing, but These colours are astonishing. I couldn’t help but gasp and go ‘ooooh’ at some of them even though there was no one to hear me! Love, love, Love this palette. I may not use colour much but I’m going to have to find some ways to use it just so I can get use from some of these!

Bit of a photo overload but I needed to show you the gorgeous packaging as well as the shades – This palette comes in a gorgeous silver box with the name embossed upon the surface, very nice and high quality feeling. The palette itself snaps shut nice and tightly and it feels really strong and sturdy, the large mirror is just fabulous.

And then you can see the shades, just Look at those shades! I’ve a couple of other photos to show you the shades in a little more detail before I share the swatches with you.

As you can see the shades are mostly shimmer, with a few mattes. There’s blues and greens, oranges and pinks, reds, purples and a few lovely neutrals too. It’s such an amazing selection and there’s some which I’m just utterly in love with. Alright then… kept you waiting long enough, time for swatches!

What I’ve done with these is tried to do a shot that shows the top row at it’s best and then a second shot showing the bottom row – But in the same shot you can see how the other shades look without their sheen. Or that’s the idea anyway! There’s 8 shades per row so the top row of swatches of these are the first four in the row, and the bottom row is the second four in that row… hope this is making sense.

So for this top photo, L-R we have ‘Black Stars’, ‘Green Dream’, ‘Peach Cream’ and ‘Orchid’

This bottom four is the last four of the top row of the palette and they are – ‘Sophisticated pink’ (just look at that deep, bright raspberry!), ‘Dream’, ‘Pink Glow’ and ‘Peacock Dream’ – There’s lots of really pale shades with different sheens to them, there’s white with pink, pink with gold etc. Very very beautiful.

So, top four of this photo is the first four in the second row of the palette – ‘Silver Star’, ‘Emerald Night’, ‘Lilac Shimmer’ and ‘Purpled!’ – I love the deep emerald/forest green and that purple is fabulous.

The last four of the second row is this bottom four shades – ‘Cream’, ‘Pink!’, ‘Lilac Frost’ (perfect name for this lilac/silver shade – Look how it changes in this photo, compared to the one above), ‘Award’ (wow, gorgeous gold shade)

Top four, first four of the third row, ‘Pearl Necklace’, ‘Night Stars’, ‘Blue Sheen’ (I don’t wear blues much but this one is beautiful), ‘Pink Frosted’.

This four is the last four of the third row and we have ‘Moss’ (Love this gold/green), ‘Molton Chocolate’ (A perfect chocolate with gold shimmer), ‘Choc!’ and then ‘Green Stars’ (I am utterly in love with this last shade, it’s hard to see but you can just make out the gorgeous golden shimmer in this super dark green shade)

Top four of this pic is the first four of the last row of the palette – ‘Green Envy’ (this shade utterly wowed me with its turquoise with a golden shimmer), ‘Copper Dream’, ‘Bold Purple’ and ‘White Light’.

This last four shades are the last in the palette ‘Orange!’, ‘Aqua Dream’ (WOW!), ‘Truffle’ (what a perfect name for this gorgeous shade), ‘Silver Dream’.

Sorry for the complicated descriptions but it’s one heck of a palette to swatch! I’ve not added a comment on every shade I love, just a few outstanding ones, there really is endless beauty in this palette. It’s not going to be an every day one for me, but I Am going to be finding ways to use these because they deserve to be used! I am in love with this gorgeous palette. I’m quite tempted by the all neutrals one, too, when I get the chance to make an order) These palettes are only £8 which is amazing considering how many shades you get and what a good quality they are. Makeup Revolution have really pulled it out of the bag, with this one, from my point of view – They’ve made me fall in love with a palette full of colours, who’d have known that was possible?!

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