Wednesday, 18 June 2014

First Reactions and swatches - 'Girls on Film' Salvation palette - Makeup Revolution's new range

Your eyes don't deceive you, I've got another stunning Salvation palette from Makeup Revolution to share with you. I was so happy with the two that they sent me that I had to order this last one. To see swatches of the other two you can click the following for 'Run Boy Run' and 'What You Waiting For'.

As you can see from the beautiful packaging, the one is the 'Girls on Film' palette and it's, surprise surprise, another neutrals palette! The shades in this are a lot more smoky than in the previous ones I've shown you.

As with the others the paler shades are to the left and darker at the right, 12 shimmers in the rectangular pans and 6 mattes in the circular and a nice, big mirror in the lid. Again, as with the others, this sells for £6. I spent a lot of time, with the previous palettes, finding a way to describe the shades but I keep thinking it's a silly thing to do - You can See the shades, so why do I need to describe it? There's a couple I'll describe as they're harder to pick up but if there's any more that you'd like a description of, as you think it'd make it easy to know what someone else would see it as in person, then just comment below and I'll happily let you know. 

For the first three shimmers we have 'Walking Hand in Hand', 'Heads Turning' and 'Camera Rolling' - These look beautiful in a picture but they're ones that looked even more stunning in real life for some reason. 

'Taking your Picture', 'Polaroid Heaven' and 'Made a Million' - Very very pretty.

'Bridge at Midnight', on the left, is one of the ones I felt the need to explain a little - The way I'd describe it was a very pale oat/stone sort of colour if that makes Any sense at all, it really is very different and a beautiful shade. We also have 'Lights Flashing' and 'Frenzy all Down your spine'.

Last of the shimmers and we have 'Lipstick Over the Lens', 'Smile Wider' and 'Hold Tight' - The deepest of the shades. (Love the dark purple)

On to the mattes we have 'Give me Shudders' which I want to describe because I love it, in the pan it looks just brown but swatched you can see how it's a very plummy toned brown. 'Shooting star' is next which, again, I love because it's a really soft dusky pink and I am obsessed with dusky, tonal shades at the moment. And, as such 'One in a Million' is of note for me because it's the first dusky purple/lilac shade I've got.

And lastly we have 'So Bright' (ironic name maybe?), 'She's Falling' and 'Girls on Film' - I can promise you that that last shade Is there, it's just so close to my skin tone that it blends in which will make it fantastic for me as something to help with blending out the edges and covering veins and things!

A beautiful palette, I'm sure you'll agree, I'm very glad I decided to add it to my collection. There's two more Salvation palettes that I don't have, the bright 'Dia De Los Muertos' looks gorgeous but probably too many brights for my tastes and, again, 'Welcome to the Pleasuredome' is very pretty but the neutrals are probably similar to others I have and the bolds are possibly more bold than I wear too often. That's not to say they won't end up in my collection one day, just not yet haha.

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  1. I am going to have to buy this for my best friend because she was a Durannie back in the 80's. I'm sure she will recognise all the shade names from the song too!

    1. It's fab isn't it, all of the palettes have sneaky little themes that aren't official but they're fun to work out :)

  2. Can I buy from superdrug or boots? X

    1. They'll be in Superdrug at some point

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