First reactions and swatches – ‘Run Boy Run’ Salvation palette – Makeup Revolution’s new range!

Oh my gosh I’ve been waiting so eagerly for these palettes to arrive and wow they really haven’t disappointed! 18 shades (yes 18!) in the palettes with 12 shimmers and 6 mattes in a whole range of really nicely pigmented shadows. Honestly, these are going to sell out so quickly, £6 for something of such amazing quality with so many shades, it’s a no brainer!

The Salvation palettes come in a gorgeous, matte black box with bold names, in this case ‘Run Boy Run‘, on the front and the familiar rose gold lettering to complement. A really nice quality feel to the whole thing, very very nice. If you’d like to see my swatches for the ‘Wait You Waiting For’ palette then check HERE.

The palette itself is a shinier feeling plastic and feels really quite sturdy, a very good quality feel to the palette itself.

Once you open up the palette you are greeted with 18 beautiful shades, a full sized mirror and a really handy film sheet which has the names of the shadows on it. From L-R starting on the top row we have ‘Trying to Catch You’, ‘Running is Victory’, ‘Sun Will Be Guiding You’, ‘Day Is a Prophesy’, ‘Another Day’ and ‘It’s Time to Run’.

The second row of shimmers is ‘World Is Not Meant For You’, ‘Hide Behind Me’, ‘Dying to Stop You’, ‘Break Out From Society’, ‘Don’t Have To Hide Away’ and ‘You Will Be My Boy’.

The last row, with the circular pans is the matte shades and we have ‘Follow Me’, ‘Head To The Hills’, ‘Run Boy Run’, ‘Girl On Fire’, ‘You Are Finally Mine’ and ‘Head Start’ – I really like the fact that they all have names and they’re rather beautiful names at that! But, anyway, let’s get on with those swatches! If you read my posts, normally, you’ll know that I tend to do two shots of each set of shades but with these there’s already so many pictures that I’ve stuck with just one shot of each.

First up, from L-R ‘Trying to Catch You’, ‘Running is Victory’ and ‘Sun Will Be Guiding You’ – A beautiful, soft pink with a really strong sheen to it, a pinky toned shade with plenty of shimmer and then a darker, deep toned brown with plenty of shimmer in it too.

‘Day Is A Prophecy’, ‘Another Day’ and ‘It’s Time to Run’ next – We’ve got a stunning deep gold shade, another dark brown with a red tone to it and then a gorgeous charcoal.

‘World is Not Meant For You’, ‘Hide Behind Me’, ‘Dying to Stop You’ – A beautiful silvery taupe shade, stunning rose gold and then a shimmery pink shade.

The last of the shimmer shades are ‘Break Out From Society’, ‘Don’t Have to Hide Away’ and ‘You Will be my Boy’. This stunning really red toned copper will be a really bold shade, a much more normal toned copper next and then lastly a dark brown with a much stronger red hint to it in the shimmer.

On to the matte shades we have ‘Follow Me’, ‘Head To the Hills’ and ‘Run Boy Run’ – A cream, a really pale brown and then a more medium, sandy brown.

And our last three shades are ‘Girl on Fire’, ‘You are Finally Mine’ and ‘Head Start’ – A lovely, pale dusky pink followed by a grey/brown shade and then a really pigmented black.

I didn’t want to say too much about the shades, they speak for themselves really. As you can see they all have fantastic pigmentation, some of the mattes are quite pale but the pigmentation is still there. I’m absolutely in love with this palette, the mixture of neutrals, pinky tones and then red/coppery tones makes a stunning mixture of shadows along with some lovely, complementary matte shades. I really do think these palettes, at £6, are going to sell out so fast.

This post contains press samples – Please see disclaimer here


  1. Jo Smith June 13, 2014 / 7:05 pm

    These are lovely. Bet they have good staying power too xx

  2. London Unattached June 13, 2014 / 7:09 pm

    great colours – they look really pretty and as if they'd give you some good coverage too

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