Friday, 13 June 2014

First Reactions and swatches - 'What You Waiting For' Salvation palette* - Makeup Revolution's Exciting new range!

I couldn't wait on getting the second palette post live because I really want to show you the amazing shades that are in the 'What You Waiting For' Salvation palette, it's a stunner! You can see my swatches of the 'Run Boy Run' palette, HERE, and if you want to know what other posts to look out for in the future then you can see my 'sneak peak' post HERE. But no need for anything more, you can see all of the general info in the 'Run Boy Run' post, let's just get on with photos of this stunning, new, palette!

I think that the box for this one is really rather cool, it's very very catchy and will definitely get people's attentions - 'What You Waiting For'

And here are the beautiful shades, lots of neutrals and pinky/rose type shades, very very nice selection! I'll write the names with each set of swatches with this one, I think, my hands are hurting haha!

First up we have 'We Love You', 'Tick Tock' and 'Can't Find the Brake' - The first shade is a gorgeous, rich creamy colour with plenty of shimmer, next there's a soft golden brown shade and then a slightly pinky toned one. 

'Moving Car' is an even more pink toned shade than the previous, very pretty. 'Do It Alone' is a beautiful rich brown and then 'Sex Chromosome' is heading toward the red toned dark brown shades.

Back to some paler shades we've got 'Now It's Only Me' a soft pink, shimmery shade, 'Scary Conversation' which is a bright, yellow/gold shade and then 'Take a Chance' which is a very pinky, brighter rose/gold. 

The last of the shimmers offers us 'Shut My Eye's which is almost a mauve/brown sort of shade, 'Stupid H...' a gorgeous, deep, taupe and lastly 'Life is Short' a black with a hint of shimmer. 

'Your Capable' is the first matte shade, an off white, 'Super Hot Female' is a lovely, deep cream shade with a hint of brown and then 'Million Dollar Contract' which is a stunning paler dusky pink. 

And our last set of shades is 'Hot Track' which is a darker, deeper dusky pink, 'Brand New Fans', a lovely brown and then 'Wicked Style' which is a highly pigmented black.

I am in Love with the pinky, dusky, rosey, goldy, neutraly loveliness that this palette has to offer - It's very very pretty! I hope you like the look of it as much as I do. If you do I'd recommend picking it up soon as these Salvation palettes seem likely to sell Fast! I've already made an order, myself, including the 'Girls on Film' salvation palette as I'd love to try out another shade set from this fantastic range!

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*This product was sent to me for the purpose of review but the opinions are my own (I think you can tell my enthusiasm is genuine when you consider I've made an order to get more of these products with my own money already!*


  1. In the photos how heavily have you swatched the colour? Is there much pigmentation or fall out when applied to the lids?

    The colours are beautiful, right up my alley!

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

    1. I've not applied them to the lids yet, so I couldn't say. There was a little looseness when I applied on my hand but only a little.

      They're swatched relatively heavily but not overly so, if that makes any sense? It wouldn't take a lot to build them up to this density, at all.

      Stunning aren't they! I'm in love

  2. They look nice. I have to invest in some new makeup as mine is 10 years old. I think they have a best before date...


  4. i would never guessed its a an eyeshadow palette looks great and colours are up my street

  5. So beautiful ♥ I love the Now it's me shade :X Very very pretty !