Ideal Summer Snacking with Pop Chips

I tried a mini bag of Pop Chips a while ago, when they came in a You Beauty box, and I really enjoyed the different texture of them and their lightness. Sooo when the lovely people over at Pop Chips popped up (yes yes, I’m so funny) with an offer to send me some more of their tasty snacks I was more than happy to oblige!

Pop Chips are a potato based snack, much the same as crisps, but they’re made in a very different way – As the box above says they’re ‘never fried. never baked’ – Rather than the standard way of producing them, these guys pop them (like popcorn) instead. As well as this they also aim to use more natural ingredients which works towards making these a pretty good alternative to other snacks.

They’re less than 100 calories per serving, which is pretty good for those of us who enjoy snacking but are also aware of what we eat (got to fit in to that wedding dress, remember!). Despite this healthier approach, you don’t lose anything when it comes to the eating experience of these – I really like the texture of these ‘chips’, they’re light and fluffy and really tasty! They’re sort of like a mix between a standard crisp and a Japanese style rice cracker. As you can see, above, there’s tonnes of flavours – I was sent barbeque, sea salt & vinegar, original, salt & pepper and sour cream & onion. I’d say that the sour cream ones are my least favourite and barbeque and original are my favourites… though salt and pepper… yum. It’s going to be a case of each to their own, with these, I’d recommend trying out some flavours and seeing which ones you like the best.

The bags aren’t massive but they give you enough to have a good munch. I really like snacking but when the weather is warm sometimes it’s not very enjoyable to eat something heavy, and greasy, which is where something like this really comes in to its own! They’re so light, and full of flavour that they can take the place of your more standard snacks but they sit so much more comfortably in the stomach and that’s without considering the reduced calories!

Don’t they just Look tasty! There’s a huge list of places that you can get them from which includes, but isn’t limited to, Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury and Starbucks. I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for them when I’m out and about, all three of us really enjoy them as a snack or with our lunch.

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  1. Ailsa Sinclair June 19, 2014 / 7:21 pm

    Popchips are one of my favourite snacks after sampling in the YBD box. I always add a bag to my basket if im getting a meal deal at boots. Love the bbq flavour x

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