Love Me Beauty – Unboxing / Review – June 2014

Last beauty box of the month, this month, is Love Me Beauty. I did get it a few days ago but we’ve had a tough few days so the post is only getting written now.

This month is Love Me Beauty’s first Birthday, yay! I’ve been getting the boxes, most months, since the second month they were going so it’s nice to celebrate this milestone with them – I remember blogging about them before they even started, a new beauty boxes with options was a Very exciting concept! And look at the fantastic things I’ve got in the June Edition 1 box. 

First up, this month, I got a sheet mask from Montagne Jeunesse – This particular one has real mud, Acai Berries and Avocado in it, as you can see above. I do hope it’s the lovely purple colour in the picture, not that it really matters but it’s really pretty! 

Secondly I got a neon pink polish from Nyx – I knew I was getting a polish from the pink range and I wasn’t expecting to like it because I’m a bit picky when it comes to pinks. As it happens this crazy bright neon is really rather striking and I quite like it! The shade is called ‘Pink on Steroid’ which is so perfectly fitting for the shade, I love the funny name. I’ve never tried a Nyx polish before so I can’t wait to see what they’re like. 

Urban Veda are the next brand in my box – This ‘Purifying Day Cream’ is really intriguing. The claim of pore refining is rather appealing and this 10ml tube will, hopefully, give me a good chance of trying it out. I’m a fan of the no parabens, no sls and no gm ingredients so think this is a brand I’m really looking forward to using. 

I had to turn the Model Co name side away from the camera in order to capture a good image of the shade, sorry. But, yes, this is a full sized Model Co lipgloss – I’ve got some other shades of their lip glosses and they’re quite nice so a new shade isn’t a bad thing at all. This shade is quite sheer but there’s the hint of this beautiful pink in it. 

This bronze ‘2-in-1 Eyeliner & Shadow’ wasn’t on my menu so I’m not sure if this is a birthday celebration on their part or if it’s a gift for having done surveys etc. Not going to complain, though, as they’re lovely pencils. I actually, already, have a few of these (3 in fact) and I’m giving one away, keeping one and putting one in a giveaway, the one from this box is my fourth so it seems I am supposed to have lots of these, so maybe I’ll keep this newest one as a spare in my collection haha! 

This little baked eyeshadow palette from Beauty UK is the last item from my menu – It’s a lovely set with neutrals with some greens and greys included too. The palette is called ‘Earth Child’ which is a rather fitting name.

All in all a nice box. I wasn’t overwhelmed with excitement this month but I do have lots of products that I’ll use and that’s never a bad thing. Maybe it’ll be a more exciting month next month, as long as I can afford it!

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    • admin June 19, 2014 / 7:46 pm

      Haha, hopefully have some more soon too! Can never have too many palettes! Says the girl who has hooded eyes so most eye looks don't work on me… doesn't stop me doing them, though, even if they don't look as good on me lol xx

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