Matcha tea and fruit juice – Deliciousness from Vivid Drinks

I’ve heard of matcha tea to bake with, I’ve heard of it as a tea you’d brew to gain lots of health benefits but I have never heard of it cold, with fruit juice before! When Vivid drinks offered to send me some of their matcha drinks I was equal parts intrigued and excited. I’ve enjoyed matcha green tea before but never in this form!

I thought about doing some research on matcha so that you’d know Why it’s supposed to be so good for you (if you don’t already know that is!) but I checked out Vivid’s page about it and I thought they covered it quite nicely, plus it’s such a bright, fun page to look at (yes, you could call this a magpie moment ‘ooh pretty’) – You can find their page explaining some info about matcha HERE. It’s enough to make me think it’d be worth finding ways to keep matcha in my diet in some form!

I was sent three different flavours of the drink ‘Grape & Elderflower’, ‘Pear & Rhubarb’ and ‘Lime, Ginger & Honey’. As well as the matcha tea the ‘Grape & Elderflower’ drink also has white tea in it and the ‘Pear & Rhubarb’ also has ruiboos tea in it – When it comes to ingredients these guys just keep on giving!

The cartons are 330ml in size so you get a nice sized drink out of them and the resealable lids are great in case you don’t want to drink the whole thing at once (or if you keep picking tiny little glasses to drink from like I seem to!); once opened you need to keep it refrigerated and drink it within 24hrs but if you like them as much as I do then there’ll be no problem finishing the cartons off.

The first flavour I tried was ‘Lime, Ginger & Honey’ as it seemed to be made for me at the moment; I’m really enjoying ginger and citrus flavours and I Always love honey. There’s no denying that the colour of this one isn’t overly appealing, but the smell made up for that in no time. From the first sip I was in love with this drink, at first you get the refreshing hit of citrus from the lime and then after a little while you notice a warmth at the back of your throat from the ginger and then, lastly, you start to realise you’ve got a subtle hint of honey making its way through – Honestly, the most delicious drink I think I’ve ever tasted And it’s got the ‘good for you’ factor from the matcha!

After that I tried the ‘Pear & Rhubarb’ which I wasn’t sure about as I’ve never been a Massive rhubarb fan. This one was a pinky colour, so much less of an unusual shade, and it was also really really good! I absolutely loved the flavour of this one too. Lastly I tried ‘Grape & Elderflower’ which. again, I wasn’t 100% sure about but, again, it was really nice. This last flavour was my least favourite but it was still lovely, just not as wow as the first two (I do really like the flavour of elderflower though). All three of them tasted amazing and were so so refreshing to drink, I Will be picking these up again in the future!

You’ll definitely want to make sure you shake the carton before you pour your drink as they do have powder in them which will have sunk to the bottom. A couple of them did have a thicker texture to them than a standard juice so if you expect your juices to be crystalline and pure then you’ll have to prepare yourself that it’ll be otherwise with these. Similarly, if you leave a glass of the drink for a little while you will get powder settling to the bottom. But, in all honesty, these tasted so so good that none of that bothered me.

I love the fun and funky packaging, I love the attitude and the information and most of all I just love the taste of these. I have some more cartons chilling in my fridge but once they’re all gone I’ll be keeping my eye out for more – Check out their website, HERE, for where they can be picked up or have a chat with them on twitter @VividDrinks as the team are just lovely.

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    • admin June 8, 2014 / 9:41 pm

      They're amazing – One of the places it says they're stocked is wh smith so if my local does I'm sure they'll be a good treat for when I'm in town xx

  1. Beauty Balm June 16, 2014 / 6:51 am

    I love these too! Couldn't pick a favourite x

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