My big I ♥ Makeup haul and a couple of Makeup Revolution pieces too! – #Selfie palette, Blushing Hearts, lip geek and more.

I’ve got a niiice big haul to share with you today – Once I knew which items the lovely I ♥ Makeup people sent me I knew which bits I needed to get the rest of my wishlist plus there was a couple of Makeup Revolution items that I wanted to pick up too.

I was, very kindly, reminded that we had a code in our BBB Dream box which would give me money off an order on the Makeup Revolution website so I used that and I saved a nice bit of money on this order – It came in at just over £30 which got me free postage! I had some good luck, too, in that my Top Cashback account had just over £30 in it so I paid for the whole order with that! Very lucky. So here’s what I got.

My goodness how exciting is that!! So many fun and quirky products all at once, I was itching to get swatching them and playing with them. For now I’ll just tell you what I got but I’ll try an get some swatch posts done soon – I’ve got Plenty to do and still haven’t even finished all of the Makeup Revolution posts I’ve got planned anyway! So many great things to share with you all!
The two Makeup Revolution items that I got were one of the new ‘Focus and Fix’ concealers and one of the cream blushes. I got the concealer because I have the palest shade but I think I need something a little darker for under my eyes so I got ‘Fair’ which is the second shade up. The cream blush shade is ‘Caramel shake’. I’ve already swatched my other shades of cream blush (here) so I’ll pop up the swatch for this on here so you can see (the camera insisted on making it look a bit darker but the swatch photo was nice and true)
As you can see, a beautiful neutral shade. On someone with darker skin this might not show up but on my pale skin it’ll make a nice, neutral blush or maybe, even, a cream contour.

The ‘Lip Geek’ lipsticks come in this rather nice looking packaging – The matte black keeps it looking sleek and then the writing adds the fun, exciting aspect. 
You may have seen in the picture above that I had two of the ‘Lip Geek’ lipsticks and two of the ‘I Heart My Lips’ lipsticks but when I came to taking photographs I realised I’d managed to order two of the same shade in the ‘I heart my lips’ formula. Bit of a ‘boo’ moment for me but I quickly decided that I’d put it in to the Summer Beauty Giveaway that I’m starting next week so it works out quite well (maybe for one of you if you keep an eye out for it!)

Anyway – The ‘Lip Geek’ lipsticks are in a bright pink, metallic look tube, and you can see the shades I picked in the above photo. The far left shade is ‘Happy Girl’ and the shade on the right is ‘Caught myself Smiling’. In the middle is the ‘I heart my lips’ lipstick which is in the shade ‘Irregular Heartbeat’.

I’d already had these four glosses in my wishlist before I got my selection of things to trial from the I ♥ Makeup team. I don’t know why but I just had a good feeling about these glosses and I was pleased when it turned out I really like the one I was sent previously. As such I kept all four of these in my cart when I did this order – A Lot of glosses for me!

From L-R we have – ‘You Go Girl’, ‘Too Cool for School’, ‘Sunshine Today Please’ and ‘Watch Out World’ – I like these glosses a lot. You’ll like the swatches I’ve got to show you when I put a post together, I’m sure of it.

I picked up three cheek products in the order, too. I already got one of the ‘I want candy’ blushes and it was one from my wishlist so I only had one, remaining, to order – The one I ordered, and is pictured above, is ‘Glowing’.

The other two are from this range of amazing baked, cheek products. I got one of the ‘Blushing Hearts’ blushes and I got ‘Blushing Heart’ which is the darkest of the blusher shades (not sure why as I tend to go for subtler blushes, clearly wanted a change). As well as that I picked up the ‘Goddess of Love’ baked highlighter because I love highlighters and this looks Amazing.

The last thing I got in my order is the ‘#Selfie’ slogan palette – I loved the ‘No Photos Please’ one and I had already considered #Selfie as it’s got more of my colours in it. It comes with a cute mini primer, too, which is such a lovely little addition. Can’t wait to show you swatches for this beauty, so so good!

So that’s my order. I’ve got plenty of things to play with, I’m going to try and get some on lip swatches of the lip products for you. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some other posts up sooner though! Let me know if there’s anything you Really want posting asap and I’ll try and get it done sooner. Hope you’re looking forward to finding out more about these products, I am!

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  1. Beautyat40andbeyond June 25, 2014 / 7:32 pm

    I've just made my first order with Makeup Revolution. I wanted the blushing hearts but they are out of stock. Can't wait for my items to arrive.

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