My Personalised letterbox cake from Baker Days

If you don’t know me personally then you might not be totally aware of quite how much I Like Cake. It’s funny because I didn’t grow up as someone who was obsessed with cake and, actually, I don’t eat cake very often but I do, really, really love it. A good example would be that our wedding cake was a pretty big priority for me, and my hen do is basically a chance to go out for an afternoon and eat cake with some lovely people… I like cake.As such, when an email popped up in my inbox asking me if I’d like to trial a Letterbox cake for the lovely people at Baker Days, it didn’t take me long to say Yes Please!

If you follow me on Instagram (petitmoi_bigworld) or twitter (@petitmoi_laura) then you may already have seen this beautiful cake and the gorgeous way it was displayed but if not you can have a nice surprise as you keep reading!

And, once I’d let them know what I wanted on my cake, it was no time at all before this fantastic little package came through the door! The concept of a letterbox cake is rather self explanatory, really, it’s a cake that fits through your letterbox – It’s a 5″ cake and the site says it yields 3-4 servings. These cakes cost £14.99 with a range of postage options which includes the choice of free postage.I had no idea how it was going to arrive but I was absolutely delighted when it came in this beautiful little tin! Inside the tin the cake was really well packaged and, so, I can understand how they can claim that their cakes will last 2-3 weeks in a cool dry place – an impressive claim indeed.

And This beautiful design is the one that I chose. There was an option to design your own cake, put your own image on top etc but I really just wanted something that was pretty and floral so I set off through their categories. There’s So many categories and So many designs that I can imagine they’d be able to please anyone! I found this beautiful rose bud design in their Mother’s day cakes but substituted the sweet mother’s day text for my blog name.

s you can see we were rather conservative with the slices, I think we managed something like 7 slices out of it, Ethan has a slice, my Mum had a slice, Azii had two slices and I had three and this was all over the space of a few days – I think we were really rather well behaved!The cake was delicious, it has just the right flavour and a beautiful texture to it. The butter cream which attaches the outside icing to the cake and to the board it comes on, and the outside icing itself, were both delicious too. It really did taste good!

I absolutely love the idea of being able to send someone a little cake through the post! Someone you don’t see too often, maybe and it’s their birthday, or maybe just someone who you know will have their day brightened by this lovely gesture – I imagine these little cakes have made So So many people smile!

As well as the basic sponge you can pay a small amount extra to have a chocolate chip sponge or a fruit cake plus you can also pay a little to have it gluten wheat free or dairy free too! Also, as well as the letterbox cakes, Baker Days does bigger sizes of cake and they do cupcakes! These might not fit through the letterbox but still a fantastic way to celebrate and with the convenience of it coming through the post.

I’m definitely impressed with Baker Days and I’m always going to keep the idea of a letterbox cake at the back of my mind for when an occasion arises that calls for cake but without the fuss or from afar!

You can find Baker days on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as the website as linked above.

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  1. Kim Carberry June 22, 2014 / 1:10 pm

    They are fab cakes aren't they….We've tried them and loved them. The Carrot cake ones are extra delicious x

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