My Wishlist from the Joe Browns ‘Up To Half Price Summer Sale’

I love Joe Browns, have done for many years, but when you’re on a budget anything higher than the cheapest high st prices can be a bit much so I look, lovingly, through their catalogues and only buy things when I have money that’s specifically set aside for spending (so I do tend to buy at least one thing from them every birthday and christmas plus sometimes when I’ve been saving)

The times I’m most tempted, though, is when they send me a sale catalogue – Their sales are very generous and a lot of things I love often end up in the sale! Soo when the team at Joe Browns tasked me with making a Wishlist, from their up to 50% sale, of up to a value of £100, I couldn’t wait to browse the sale and see what beautiful things I could add to my list.

 And here are the items I picked for my wishlist – Correct, 7 items for under £100! This lovely lot of things comes in at £98.65 which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is rather impressive! So let me tell you what I’ve got.

1 – Irresistable Top in B+W Pattern – Normal Price £19.95 – Sale Price £11.95

One thing my wardrobe lacks is tees which are long enough to go with leggings – Longer than a top, shorter than a dress, this’d look good with leggings when it’s super hot but equally as good with skinny jeans or jeggings. I love the swirling black and white pattern on this one and the gradient effect in the background colours. I think this could be dressed down for a casual time or dressed up a bit more for a night out.

2. Leggings – Normal Price £.9.95 – Sale Price £7.95

I know, you’re thinking leggings are boring! But I wanted to be able to show how £100 could create a mini summer wardrobe, in the Joe Browns sale and without the leggings there would be nothing to wear with the tops! I really do love the idea of both of the tops I’ve featured paired with leggings and some nice sandals – Perfect summer wear.

3. Things I Love Tee – Normal Price £17.95 – Sale Price £11.95

This is one of the items I looked at when I was offered some things to review for Joe Browns (The post for what I did pick is HERE and that dress is currently in the sale too!) and it’s stuck in my mind since then and I was very happy to see it in the sale. I love the long, floaty style but mostly I just love the carefree, happy text that’s written across it.

4. Beautiful Butterfly Tote Bag – Normal Price £34.95 – Sale Price £16.95

How can you have an outfit without a bag? I went for this big, tote bag partly because I really like it but also because I can imagine it being perfect for the beach, out shopping or a night out, it works easily for them all. I love how it’s black with layered colour behind the cut outs which gives it a hit of bright colour but keeps it something that’d go with most outfits. Also, such a good saving with the sale price!

5. Monochrome Print Swimsuit – Normal Price £29.95 – Sale Price £14.95

Another big saving on this beautiful swim suit. The main reason this is on my wishlist, though, is because I’m in love with it! I mean Love! I saw this is the summer catalogue and I wanted to buy it but just didn’t have the budget for almost £30 on a swim costume when I already have one and never swim. But with that costume I think that even I would want to go swimming! I just love it and I think it’d be beautiful at the beach or at the pool with your family – The light tee and leggings combos would go really well over the top of it for the beach too.

6. Vintage Lace Dress – Normal Price £39.95 – Sale Price £19.95

Can’t have a summer wishlist without a pretty summer dress! This was an easy choice for me as it’s got that beautiful vintage style, mixed with floral prints and lace – Honestly it could have been made for me!

7. Fabulous Floral Wedge – Normal Price £22.95 – Sale Price £14.95

I wanted to finish off my wishlist/mini summer wardrobe with some shoes. These called out to me the moment I started browsing as they’re simple but still pretty with the gathered, floral fabric at the front and they also don’t have too big a heel, which is impossible for me (any heel is tough but a big heel is beyond impossible) – I think I’d be able to wear these easily and they go with the dress and with the Love tee and leggings. I’m not 100% sure that they’d go with the black and white swirl top but I’d probably wear them together even if they didn’t because I’m daring like that haha!

This was Such a fun post to put together and I hope you love reading it as much as I loved making it. I know I didn’t go crazy with colour with this but I decided to keep it simple as that’s something I love but also something that would be wearable for a lot of people. Also, the legging and tee outfits could Definitely be dressed up with some brighter items if that’s the way you wanted it. I know this is a wishlist but I like the idea of making something that’d show a lot of people that they could create a mini capsule wardrobe with less than £100 and I think I definitely did that!

I wrote this post as part of a competition with Joe Browns, but I enjoyed writing it loads and it’s totally honest (I didn’t win by the way)

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