‘No Pictures Please’ Slogan palette from I ♥ Makeup – First reactions and Swatches

This is the second I ♥ Makeup palette that I was, so so kindly, sent and it’s from the ‘Slogan’ range. If you’ve missed my previous palette post, I reviewed the ‘Death by Chocolate’ palette, from the wonder palettes range and you can see the post HERE.

I’m going to apologise, right here, for the lighting for these photos – Thankfully it hasn’t stopped me showing you the stunning shades in this palette but it has made it Very difficult to show you some of the fun little features included in the packaging of the ‘No Photos Please’ palette.

And as you can see from this photo, I’m referring to the hologram. It’s such fun, having the ‘No Photos’ bit visible from one angle and the ‘Please’ with the kiss from another. Of course if it’s Super bright outside it seems that you keep getting both showing through… but if you’ll forgive me for that, let’s move on.This compact little palette holds 10 shadows and, also, comes with a mini eye primer which is a lovely little addition, especially when you consider it only costs £4.99 to buy. As well as being compact, the palette feels very sturdy and like it’s very well made.

You can properly see the ‘Please’ part here, but of course the ‘No Photos’ is still showing through anyway – At the end of the day I’m Sure you get the idea – A rather fun. quirky aspect to the slogan palettes.

And behold, just look at those shades! Jewel brights with a few neutrals and a couple of other tones just to be sure. It’s just beautiful. It’s, without a doubt, not the sort of palette I’d normally pick out but I am So So pleased that the team sent it to me because it’s absolutely stunning and I Really want to play with these shades.

Look how pretty! As you can see the shadows are incredibly pigmented and those with a strong shimmer absolutely light up once they’re applied. We’ve got, here, ‘Lights!’, ‘Discrete’, ‘Not Now’, ‘My Moment’ and ‘Publicist’.

It’s hard to tell, in the pan or in photos with ‘Lights!’ is really like as it’s one of those shades with a luminescent sheen to it – In the pan, as you can see further up, it looks like a simply creamy shade, and on my swatches you can see that it has a hint of pink to it but, in reality, it’s a pale shade with a stunning pink luminescent shine, so so pretty. The others are all, pretty much, as you see them (I’m loving the lilac of ‘Not Now’ and the deep, denim blue of ‘Publicist’.

As  you can see, all of these shades are crazily pigmented, too. We have ‘Jealous of Success’, ‘No comment’, ‘Adoration’, ‘Supertrash’ and ‘Back Exit’ – I’m rather easily pleased and I love that the green shade is called ‘Jealous of success’ hehe.As with the ‘Death by Chocolate’ palette the names of these shades are loads of fun and really witty, it really works with the ethos of the brand and the whole feel of it all. I’m really impressed with this sleek little palette and cannot wait until my order arrives so that I can try out ‘#Selfie’ too!

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