Primark haul for June 2014

I went to town to attend an event the other day so it seemed wrong to not pop in to Primark before going home, it just has an alluring effect that place!

I needed to grab another pair of simple, plain black leggings, they’re a bit of a staple, really, what with the warmer weather coming – They were £3.

I haven’t put clips in my hair for years but these floral ones were so pretty! They never seem to look quite right, whatever hair style I have, but I will try them anyway because… so pretty!

 I saw this Minions top not long after I walked in to the shop – I ummed and ahhed over a Minions top from Qwertee earlier this week as I really wanted one but just wasn’t 100% sure about that exact one so it felt like a real ‘yay’ moment to find one for £6 in primark!

Now I’ve never ventured into the world of playsuits before, it never really appealed and I didn’t think I’d ever really wear them but when I was in Primark I saw this floral/polka dot print and assumed it was a dress so when I picked it up and it was a playsuit I, initially thought ‘ahh no’. But I came back to it, it was only £5 after all, and I decided I’d keep hold of it and decide as I went around. I was still pondering once I reached the till but, in the end I decided I’d give it a go. I imagine that, if we get some super hot weather, I’ll be glad I bought it. I love that there’s pale pink, red and purple roses on it, it just looks so nice.
I knew I’d get told off for buying another bag but I saw these mini satchels in pastel shades and I fell in love with the mint one. Just look how cute it is! It’s just the right size for my keys, phone, purse, inhaler and tube of glucose tablets so it’s Perfect for popping out with just the basics. It was only £6 and I have already used it quite a few times so it’ll definitely get a good use (I did get a ‘another bag’ look, but there you go, it was worth it) 
I also bought some pants in the same colour as these, which were £1, I don’t normally match my pants and bag but it seems I’m loving the mint green right now (loved mint green nails last year but didn’t have any mint green things).

Love the odd Primark hall, I am going to miss it now that we’re cutting back, maybe I’ll still be able to from time to time!

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  1. Chloe Griffiths June 14, 2014 / 7:26 pm

    I have the bag in baby pink, such a great little bag to make a statement x

  2. loulabeth ♡ June 14, 2014 / 7:32 pm

    omg i love that mint green bag! i need to get one!!

    L x

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