Review of the Liz Earle ‘Cleanse & Polish – Hot Cloth Cleanser – Starter Kit’ – From Birchbox UK

When the lovely people over at Birchbox told me that I’d been picked as one of the bloggers, involved with their blogger outreach, to trial the Liz Earle ‘Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish – Starter Kit’ I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Working with Birchbox is exciting enough without, then, being able to trial something as iconic and such a cult favourite as this product!

The set is beautifully presented, and packaged, in this bag which is that iconic shade of green and emblazoned with the Liz Earle logo. I think the bag will be really handy; the long thin shape of it would make it a great bag for carrying brushes when travelling.The kit consists of a, big, 100ml bottle of the ‘Cleanse and Polish’ plus two of the muslin cloths which are recommended to use with the ‘Hot Cloth Cleanser’. The set is currently for sale for £14.75 from the Birchbox shop ( which is a pretty good bargain considering the bottle of product, alone, costs £13.25 and the set of two muslin cloths costs £4.25.

I’ve been using the product for a few weeks now, didn’t want to give my impressions before I’d given it a good use, and it’s safe to say I understand why this product has won so many awards and why it is such a cult beauty product. I really, Really like it. From the sleek packaging to the scent, from the way it feels when being used to the way my skin feels after I’ve used it – An absolute winner.

I find that one pump of the bottle gives exactly the right amount of product to get a good coverage on my whole face and a little down my neck. I apply it to my dry skin and it feels cool and refreshing from the moment it touches my face. The scent is really good – As you can see on the bottle it contains Rosemary, Chamomile, Coco butter and Eucalyptus essential oils and the scent is a delightful mix of herbal and eucalyptus which gives it the natural and fresh scent which I’ve come to delight in.

I’ve said, in past posts, that I have a tendency to leave a cleansing product on my face for a little while in order to allow it to really get into my skin and do a good job. The ‘Cleanse & Polish – Hot Cloth Cleanser’ sinks into the skin and becomes invisible quite quickly and, thanks to the eucalyptus, you can feel it getting to work straight away. I’ll tend to brush my teeth and anything else that needs doing whilst the product is settling on my skin.

I’ve always liked to get the water as hot as I can for washing off a cleanser and the name of this one tells me that I’ve got the right idea in this case too. I get the muslin cloth as hot as I can handle and press it to my face before gently rubbing the creamy cleanser off. The claim is that this ‘cleanses and gently exfoliates’ and I absolutely agree that that’s true. I’ve not felt a need to use any more harsh exfoliators and my face feels really clean and after using it it’s never felt dry in the slightest, if anything my face feels more moisturised after use.

My skin is absolutely loving this cleansing system and I’m not in any hurry to stop using it which is why I decided to invest some of my birchbox shop points in a second starter kit! Another full sized bottle of product plus two more clothes, yay! I’m wondering if this might even last until the wedding. I have had other products that I’ve loved recently but I can’t afford to re-purchase them and this product is so fantastic that I think that I’d be able to keep my skin in good condition up until my big day!

I’m so pleased that Birchbox picked me to use the product and I think that it’s definitely done the job of getting me on the right path for getting that wedding day skin that I’m looking for, so so pleased.

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