Super bargains from 99p Land – An online poundshop / 99p shop haul

This is actually my second order from 99p Land I just never got around to posting about them last time but the fact that I went back for a second order means I should definitely share the site with you! This site won’t be for everyone but if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t mind picking up snacks, cleaning products and other random bits and bobs from a pound store then you may Love this post because I’m going to tell you how well these guys do at supplying the same service online!

I’ve seen pound store sites online before but when I’ve checked them out they’ve often been out of stock on most things or just not had a great range so that’s what I expected when I first went on to 99p Land – I was rather pleased to find out that I was wrong. I’ve mostly bought food, support bandages and drinks bottles from them, but let me show you what I got so you can see some of the good brands they stock and some of the interesting products.

I’m an addict – I Love bacon Wheat Crunchies more than I should and Asda has stopped selling Wheat Crunchies altogether so there’s nowhere near by that I can get them so not only are these a bargain but they make me Very happy. 

Yus… there’s lots of Very naughty snacks there, I know. The Push pops and the gum are specifically for Azii; he was very excited when he found out I could get push pops at all let alone 3 for 99p. The Eclairs are for both of us to share, as are the Haribo and big bars of chocolate, I’m planning on making them last us a while (I say I am because if Azii had his way they’d get eaten very quickly. He doesn’t Always eat lots of naughty things but if they’re there he’s not good at pacing himself). The crispy rolls and kinder hippos are specifically for me, I might share them with Ethan but he has a Lot of chocolate saved up, some from easter and some that he’s been given since then so he may well not need any treats any time soon (and no, honestly that’s not just me making excuses)
I like to keep a bottle of water with me a lot of the time so the big bottle at the back is mine. I got Ethan the Planes one, the Spiderman one and the curly straw one; all of his cups/bottles etc are getting a bit old so I decided it was time to get rid of them and replace them. I also couldn’t help but pick up the Minnie Mouse one for Skye as she Loves Minnie so Azii can take that to his Mum’s for her (In fact he says she might take it with her when she’s out running with Nanny; they’re doing race for life together so Skye will be in her wheel chair and Nanny will run!)
Soo yes, I bought a lot of support bandages, you may have noticed. They were, actually, the main reason I went back to the site. Last time I bought some ankle supports and I found they were quite handy to have, I looked elsewhere to get something else and ended up buying some weird neoprene things from my local poundland which were rubbish so I decided it’d be worth coming back to the 99p land store even if just to buy supports (as it happens they had free postage for orders of £30 or over which is why I ended up seeing if there was anything else worth getting). I’ve been getting a lot of leg and hand/finger weakness recently so I’ve been using this as something to help a little and they do help take the edge off the pain from time to time.
I also picked up some Migra cool thingies as I’ve not tried these for years and thought I should give them a go next time I get a headache, for 99p why not!
Trying to top up to £30 led me to checking their wrapping paper section and I found these cute rolls of paper. They’re both 3m each which isn’t bad at all for 99 plus I think they’re really handy for just having around, especially when you’ve got lots of little ones in the family.

I picked up the skittles as something for Ethan to play with in the garden when the warmer weather sticks around but he’s, actually, loved using the hallway as his own, personal bowling alley. He loves them, a lot! 

So, yes, that’s a whole lot of things, really. The snacks will last us Ages, the water bottles were a necessity and the bandages were too so not bad really. The package was sent by yodel and it came really quickly. It wasn’t exactly packed amazingly but everything was absolutely fine, nothing damaged at all so no complaints here. 
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  1. Kim Carberry June 8, 2014 / 1:16 pm

    What a great haul of goodies!! Lots of bargains there 🙂 x

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