Birchbox UK – Unboxing / Review – July 2014

Subscription box time again! First up, this month, is Birchbox! My sub ran out this month but I’m hoping to find a way to renew it as I really enjoy these beauty boxes – Though I do know there’ll reach a point where we can’t afford them any more and that’s that. But for now… on to the fun!

Don’t forget that, if you enjoy the box like I do, you can subscribe yourself and if you use my code you’ll get £5 worth of points to spend in the Birchbox shop, and I’ll get the same. My link is:

As is fitting for this time of year, and for the sort of weather we’ve been having the theme of this months box is ‘Sun, Sea & Sand’ – Not sure a theme could be more appropriate with how today’s weather has been, that’s for sure.
The box weighed so much I was instantly intrigued as to why! I think you can probably see, now that you can see how much is in there and that there’s a carton of drink too, nicely done!
Firstly we have the Whish ‘three wishes body butter’ which is in lavender. Instantly I was a bit disappointed as I’m not a fan of lavender but, fear not, this stuff does not smell of the typical lavender smell. I, actually, can’t stop smelling the back of my hand as I can’t work it out – It does smell a bit like lavender but it also doesn’t, it’s sweet and just really nice smelling! This 22ml tube is a nice sized sample but maybe you shouldn’t expect it to last long if you use it for your full body each time haha! It’s got loads of lovely natural ingredients and avoids lots of the nasties so that’s a real plus point. A full sized tube of this would cost £14.50.
This was an interesting one for  me to see as I’ve just been sent some of the Vita Coco children’s range for the little one to try out so it’s nice that I can try out one of the grown up versions myself. The fact that this is a ‘Lemonade’ flavour is very appealing to me and I am looking forward to trying it out. I know that coconut water is meant to be super hydrating but I just don’t quite get along with the flavour so maybe something like this would help me get around this. Nice lifestyle extra I think! (Though my best friend wouldn’t agree, he’s allergic to lemons)
I’m a total sucker for lip crayons so definitely didn’t mind getting this Laqa & Co ‘Lip Lube’ but I am still mildly amused by the name of the product. This purple shade, ‘Menatour’, is rather striking and actually looks like it could be a fantastic way to wear a pinky purple lip, the formula feels really nice and it’s got a nice sheer look to it. Admittedly I think I’d have rather tried the neutral shade but you can’t win them all. Definitely interested in trying this one out. A full sized crayon would cost £14 and there’s actually quite a decent amount of product in these so quite a good value sample.
Next we have the Gilchrist & Soames ‘English Spa Sea Kelp Extract Mineral Bath’ (wow that’s one long title!) I’ve never tried a ‘mineral bath’ product before but it smells quite pleasant and natural, subtle but with a spa like quality to it. I’m rather intrigued by this one and I am quite looking forward to having a ‘mineral bath’ some time soon and I expect to get a few uses out of this 40ml tube. A full size of this is £11.25.
Never going to say no to a Balance Me product, they’re such a fantastic brand and I can’t often afford their products. This is the ‘Wonder Eye Cream’ and there’s a nice 7ml of product in there (for most products 7ml would be a bit rubbish but for an eye cream that’s really not bad at all!). This product claims to be hard working but light and it’s supposed to brighten the eye area and keep wrinkles at bay. I’m wondering if I can afford to soak my eyes in it for at least a week before the wedding… aah maybe not.
Lastly we have a Weleda ‘Millet Shampoo’ – Weleda is another of these brands that I’m always happy to see in a box. Such a fantastic quality brand and with such a wide variety of products that it’s hard to know what to try so getting it in a box is ideal. As always this is full of natural, organic ingredients and is also claims to be nourishing which I won’t be saying no to.

Some pretty good brands in this months box, nothing ground breakingly wow but all solid and reliable brands which I am happy to see (apart from Whish which is a new one on me) – Rather looking forward to trying everything from this box – Thanks Birchbox!

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  1. lovesandloathes July 10, 2014 / 4:36 pm

    I'm so disappointed this month as yet again my box is MIA 🙁 I love my monthly dose of Birchbox but I'm starting to wonder if it's worth the hassle, especially as there seems to be so many other people with similar complaints. Looks like it will be a good box though when it does arrive!

    • admin July 10, 2014 / 6:08 pm

      Well I think they only got dispatched yesterday so it's not too odd for it to not be there yet? At least I hope that's all it is! Hope your box is awesome too xx

  2. lovesandloathes July 10, 2014 / 7:48 pm

    According to tracking though my box was processed on the 8th, but it's been stuck at "Data recieved, awaiting parcel" since then. Not even with 13Ten, let alone my local courier 🙁

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