Discovering Veil Cover Cream – The Demonstration Kit – First Reactions

I’ve wanted to try Veil Cover Cream for such a long time! When I was, very kindly, offered the chance to trial their Demonstration Kit I could’ve hit the ceiling with excitement – Yes, I kid you not, I am that much of a concealer-a-holic and something that seems to be as good as Veil Cover Cream was bound to have me rather over excited.

As you can see, from the front of the case, the product is meant to be good enough to use to cover distinctive birth marks as well as scarring, redness of the skin, acne, tattoos and a whole host of other things.

Now I don’t have quite such a big challenge to put to the product but I have been hoping, for a long time, for something that’ll help battle my under eye discolouration and the blemishes that I get on a (now) semi-regular basis (in comparison to the very regular occurrence that it used to be!) And, as you may know, I’ve got quite a big reason to hope for flawless skin, soon, and that’s my wedding.
The Demonstration kit comes with an amazing array of shades and colour, plus a sample of their translucent finishing powder, which is massively impressive considering how much is in each of the sample tubs contains. The smaller sample sets will give you a good way of checking which shade suits you whereas this set gives you no doubts at all plus it gives you all of the extra colours such as green and mauve And the translucent finishing powder. This set, really, though is for a professional who might need any range of shades to work with and, my goodness, they’re not going to be left wanting!

I’ve found that I’m a ‘natural medium’ for my normal toned skin and for the bluer, under eye areas I need a touch of ‘natural’ as it’s a touch warmer in tone. I’ve not played with the mauve and green colours, yet, but I’m really interested to see how they work with balancing out other colour issues.The concealer is really thick and creamy and has a fantastic coverage and I’m quite sure that it’s going to  be perfect for giving me that flawless coverage for my wedding day! I’m wondering whether some of the other shades could be used for other things, too, some of the darker shades for cream contour and maybe even as a cream blush when you consider the ‘rose’ shade but I’ve not played with those for that yet.

Another way that I’m going to try the kit out, too, is that I’m going to play at covering up my best mate’s tattoo whilst he’s visiting. I don’t know why but I’m rather excited about this. As long as I get the time I should be able to do it and I’ll be able to share a post with you to show you how it goes too!

Very very impressed with Veil Cover Cream, thus far, and I expect you’ll see this product in various other posts in the future!

This post contains press samples – Please see disclaimer here


  1. Annie G July 9, 2014 / 4:55 pm

    Well how odd! Maisie had her taster day at college yesterday and she was using this exact thing! She's going to be doing make-up artistry. She loved it and can't wait to start properly 🙂

    • admin July 10, 2014 / 10:25 am

      Oh I am so jealous, I wish I'd been into beauty back at college age as that's exactly the path I'd have taken

      Haha well they don't lie when they say it's professional quality! xx

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