First reactions and swatches – I ♥ Makeup – ‘U R The Best Thing’ Theme palette

Wow so today is super go go go for me but I wanted to share the swatches of this astounding palette with you before I go! The ‘U R The Best Thing’ palette is just beautiful!

Rather in love with the deep purple box and pink writing – It’s so fun looking and really going to catch the eye, this palette is definitely not going to fade in to the background (Yes I tend to keep my palettes in their boxes as long as possible, they’re so pretty!)

And here are the 32 stunning shades which are housed in this good quality feeling palette – 10 mattes along the top and then 22 shimmers towards the bottom. I really like the idea of keeping them separate,  makes it so much easier to use the palette. I’ve been using mattes a lot recently so it’s so easy just having them out there and not having to search them out amongst other shades.

I’ve always liked the matte shades in other I ♥ Makeup palettes but these ones seem to be even better than normal, the density of colour is amazing for matte shades – I absolutely love them.

I mean just look at that black on the right, soo pigmented, and you can even see the super pale cream shade at the far left. Just wow, these are some amazing matte shades.

This is my favourite row of the matte shades as it has some of the sorts of shades I’ve been going for recently. The dusky pink second from left is perfect, as is the dusky purple second from the end – I’ve got similar shades to these in other palettes but they’re just that little bit different enough to justify owning them all, yay.

Here’s the first row of the pearl shades. I can really see why they refer to them as pearl shades rather than shimmers; they’ve got the most beautiful light in them, they really shine and have just that fabulous sheen to them rather than being bright and shimmery – I like them, a lot.

Another row of beautiful shades, the third from the end looks matte but it’s actually an almost matte shade with glitters in it, which looks beautiful. Some of these shades are definitely going to be favourites for me, can you guess which ones?

Some of these shades have more of a standard shimmer to them, but they do it beautifully. Definitely another row with some gems in it, some taupey shades as well as some of those pinks which are always a favourite for me.

And here’s the last row – Some stunning darker shades on this row, some nice metal shades too with a gold and a copper. That last shade really surprised me as it looked like a silver in the pan but it’s got much more depth to it, it actually seems like a really deep taupe – Love it.

So there you go – I think the quality of these shades screams out from the screen, the actual shades themselves are gorgeous and the formula of the shadows is spectacular. I am seriously drowning in palettes at the moment but I’m totally loving it!

This post contains press samples – Please see disclaimer here


  1. Isabel July 12, 2014 / 10:22 pm

    Well, the colours look stunning, also really similar to the Naked/Iconic 3… I guess that the Iconic 3 still would be very practical to have as this palette is quite large, right? Lots of love xx

  2. Anca Stefan July 13, 2014 / 9:05 am

    Beautiful palette! All the shades are really pretty! How much it is?

  3. Celeste Collinsworth July 14, 2014 / 3:28 am

    I would love to know which you prefer, even if it's just a smidge: this palette or the Salvation palettes?

  4. Maritza Courneya August 11, 2014 / 6:08 am

    it looks like a combination of naked2 and 3 and even the pigmentation is similar whoa MUR well done 😀

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