First reactions and swatches of I ♥ Makeup’s ‘I Heart Passion’ eyeshadow palette

As well as the fantastic Makeup Revolution items I was sent, today, I was also sent a gorgeous, new, eye shadow palette – The ‘I heart Passion’ palette is one that I’ve had my eye on since the first time that I saw it… when I came to make my order, though, I forced myself to be sensible. I have a Lot of eye shadow palettes so told myself I didn’t ‘need’ another one. Imagine my joy when this was in my package, though, I may not need it but I definitely wanted it!

From the range of Wonder palettes, the ‘I Heart Passion’ palette looks absolutely beautiful – Just so so cute! The other one like this has a purple heart on the front and I love the colour purple, but definitely glad I have this one as it’s Such amazing shades, exactly the sort of shades that I love.

As you can see there’s such a fabulous mix of shades in this palettes – There’s an amazing balance between muted, softer shades and then some deep jewel shades. I love the dusky pink and dusky purple shades as well as some of the grey tones and then those jewel shades just stand out amazingly. Love it. 

This first five shades is called ‘Love is the Drug’, ‘Limber Up’, ‘Rumba Down’, ‘I Say Go’ and ‘Guess the Rest’ – I love how ‘I say Go’ looks like a pretty standard shade in the pan but when swatched it turns in to this deep silver/grey/purple shade that is just gorgeous. I also love ‘Limber Up’ – Actually I just love them all.

I just had to use three pictures for these shades as I needed to show them from as many angles as possible, sorry that the bottom photo is a little blurry, I just needed to use it as it shows the light in the shades more than any of the others.

From left to right we have ‘I Believe’, ‘Dangerous Liasons’, ‘In My Heart’, ‘Heartbreaker Romance’, ‘Takes Over’ and ‘We Are Going Home’.

You can see the two dusky shades in these swatches and they really are beautiful, I may well be using these for my wedding makeup. You can see the fantastic shimmer/sheen/luminescence in the two purple shades too and hopefully you can see the amazing sparkle in the matte black shade too.

And, lastly, the last row of the shades – Mostly the more jewelled shadows. L-R we have ‘Missing a Beat’, ‘Never Never’, ‘Catch Your Eye’, ‘U Need More’ and ‘Easier Affair’. These are all very deep, other than the last shade which, in some lights, is almost not even there and then in others contains a really beautiful shimmer and light to it.

All of the shadows in this palette are beautifully pigmented. As always, and as expected, the matte shades are a little less bold but I think they swatch beautifully considering that they are mattes. The shimmers are dense and buttery, a joy to apply. I, honestly, love this range of shades and there’s going to be so many shades that I use on a regular basis in this one. It’s just breathtaking.

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  1. Beautyat40andbeyond July 11, 2014 / 3:20 pm

    A great review, as always. Quick question if I may? Is the quality of this range equal to the main Makeup Revolution range? I bought my best friend the Girls On Film palette which she loves and I want to buy her 17yo daughter a palette but not sure what to go for. I'm thinking this palette might be ideal but having teenage boys, I'm not up to date with what girls like! If the quality isn't as good, then I'll stick with the Makeup Rev range. Thanks.

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