La Roche-Posay – Anthelios XL – 50+ SPF Ultra Light Fluid – Review

In this sweltering hot weather there’s one thing we All need and that’s some good products to protect us from the sun. I use Ethan’s 50+ sensitive sun cream on my body but, obviously, that thick greasy formula isn’t what I want on my face!

When I started looking for products I found all sorts of offerings and there was some interesting facial sun creams on the high street which would be worth trying if that’s what your budget allows but most seem to end up being a bit whitening and a bit thick for the face. So I had a look at the slightly higher end of things and I came across the ‘Anthelios XL 50+ SPF Ultra Light Fluid’ from La Roche-Posay.

The packaging is really simple and nice and slim so it’d be really easy to slip into a makeup bag for travels or a beachbag for top ups. 

The bottle comes with a really slim nozzle which is so helpful because it really is a liquid so this helps you keep an eye on how much you’re getting out, you wouldn’t want to waste this.
As I said above, and as you can see here, the name fluid is apt – It’s definitely much thinner than a cream.
Immediately after rubbing the product in you can see a sheen to the skin but you can’t see any whiteness at all, which I think most will be very pleased about.
It doesn’t take long, at all, before the fluid totally sinks into the skin and you can’t see it at all. There’s no super white ghosting from this product and the sheen is minimal so, if you’re putting makeup over the top, there should be no difference from normal (and even in you’re not it’d probably just translate as a healthy glow)

This product delivered exactly what I would have hoped, a facial spf that doesn’t clog pores and doesn’t make me even more pale than my skin normally is. But does it work? Well actually I can answer that one too. Normally if something is preventative you don’t know, for sure, if it’s worked; for all you know it never would have happened in the first place so didn’t need to be prevented. But, I discovered the answer to this in a very unfortunate way.

You may have seen my post, a few weeks ago, about our family day trip to Barry Island – We spent hours and hours out in the sun that day and I’m really not someone who copes well with sun. My uncovered skin was covered in factor 50+ sun cream more than 6 times throughout the day but I still burned, I just should have been under cover. What about my face though? I was wearing the ‘Ultra Light Fluid’ on my face and it did a fantastic job! Maybe, though, my face was just more under cover than my body? Well, actually, it turns out that when I push my glasses back up my nose the makeup rubs off and, it turns out, the skincare rubs off too because the bridge of my nose was bright red by the end of the day! So I can tell you, 100%, that my face was in the sun but there wasn’t a hint of burn apart from on the area where my sun screen was rubbed off!

This product works! It’s not cheap but a little bit spreads a long way and it doesn’t leave you looking like casper as cheaper products might. You can pick it up from Boots for £16.50 (though at the moment it’s on offer for £12.37 and I got it when it was down to an impressive £11!) – I am definitely going to want this in my collection from now on as I burn very easily and I take sun protection very seriously (I’ll be finding some shade next time we go to the beach, that’s for sure!!) 

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  1. loulabeth ♡ July 24, 2014 / 11:01 pm

    I'm really intrigued by this product now! I hate SPF products usually because they're so thick & feel like they leave a film over my skin but this La Roche Posay one sounds perfect! Will be looking out for it when I'm next in Boots! (:

    L x

  2. Lynette Hammond July 24, 2014 / 11:33 pm

    Great review, thanks for sharing. I am looking for an SPF product that is higher than 15. All beauty products seem to be stuck at 15 don't they? Such a shame they don't go higher!

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