Like, Love, Loathe – Link up – #1

The Like, Love, Loathe link up is one that’s been run by the fabulous Bex over at ‘Futures’ for a while now and I keep meaning to get involved but… well just because I mean to do something doesn’t mean it’ll happen because my brain is a pain in the backside! And that’s why I’ve called this post #1 even though it’s actually week 20 of the link up itself – It’s number 1 for me!

 The concept of the link up is quite simple, each person who gets involved writes a post of something they ‘Like, Love’ and ‘Loathe’ at the moment and then they share it over on the link up page on Bex’s blog which I’ve linked above.

Like – Today I’ve written up a blogging list. A rough idea for what I want to do each day, blog wise. I might not be able to keep to it perfectly and there’ll be days when my health won’t let me get things done as planned but I will be able to give myself a little extra boost of motivation when it comes to ‘I need to do something bloggy but what should I do?’ (Saturdays is linky day!)Love – I love that my darling boy is wearing pants! He was 4 years old in April so he was later than average for potty training but we weren’t sure if this was related to continence issues stemming from problems at his birth. We’re still not sure if he’ll have full continence, but he’s gone from totally in nappies to being in pull ups and going mostly on the toilet and, even more so, having had his first full day in pants and having, only, had two accidents! Yay! Such an amazing feeling.

 – I loathe sun burn!! We went to the seaside with Azii’s family (post here) last weekend and it was so so nice but no amount of sun cream seemed capable of saving me from the suns rays. I’m just one of these people who cannot be out in the sun, sun cream doesn’t work and it’s all silly. I plastered myself in 50+ time after time but the only thing that would have worked is going under cover. Next family seaside trip I will be taking a massive umbrella or something similar.

What are you liking, loving and loathing this week? Pop on over to Bex’s link up to share!

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  1. Laura Huggins July 5, 2014 / 7:42 pm

    What a brilliant idea for a linky! Thanks for letting me know, will be sure to try to do this one.

    Poor you about the sunburn! I am the complete opposite. I can sit out in the sun all day and not even go pink, let alone brown. The only time I can get a sun tan is when I am pregnant!

    I am glad your little one is progressing well with toilet training. Doesn't matter how old they are, they will all get there in the end.

    Hope you have a fab weekend

    Laura x x x

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