My Asos Summer Sale haul – My picks

I wanted to get this post up quickly as I don’t know how much longer the sale will be going on for so I don’t want to share my sale picks with you when it’s too late for you to take a look yourselves, that’d just be mean! Soo let’s get on with it!

Firstly we have these ‘Pull & Bear’ Low rise skinny jeans. I got these for £9 when they’re, originally, £19 so a pretty big saving. I’m often running out of jeans but it’s hard to find ones that I find comfortable so I end up not getting new ones even though I need them. These looked, though, like good quality so I thought I’d give them a go. As it happens they’re the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn. Normally when I wear skinny jeans they’re high waisted but I have a certain patch of skin that hurts, due to the fibro, and high waisted jeans can make that worse. Due to these being low rise, they don’t irritate that particular patch of skin. As well as that they fit perfectly on the waist, aren’t too tight in the crotch and aren’t restrictive in the leg, they’re also a nice fabric so they aren’t rough on my super sensitive skin! Win, win, win! The first few items in this post are from my first order but I love these jeans so much that I ordered a second pair and the extra couple of items I ordered were to boost my order up to £15 for free postage (no idea when Asos stopped free postage for any amount!)

Bit of a random one, especially for this time of year, but I’m always looking for hats that I can actually not look daft in and I liked the look of this one. It’s a boyfriend beanie, hence it being so long, and I liked that it was a soft medium toned pink. I got this one for £2 but it’s out of stock now, boo. 

I’ve Just discovered that I can pull off slim headbands which, for me, is amazing because headbands normally make me look silly. So when I saw this one in the sale pages, and it had roses on… well it didn’t take long to make a decision as to whether or not I’d buy it. 

I actually wore this one during my hen weekend as on the meal out with my sister and step Mum I was wearing a dark red dress and on my cake afternoon with friends and family I wore a nude toned dress so it quite fit with both of them. This cost only £3 and is still available HERE.

Completely plain, cream skater style dress – It doesn’t look much but the fabric has a nice stretch to it and it’s really nicely cut. This is a New Look dress and cost £5.50 (here)

I already have this style vest from Asos in dark grey and I really like the shape of it so I got this one too – It’s actually paler than the photos make it look, but it’s darker than the Asos photos make it look… yeah I know I’m not being too helpful here. It’s a really nice shade and a really nice example of a good quality, well shaped vest – It’s still available for £4 here

This is one of the items I got in my second order. This is another New Look item and I wanted it the first time round but was well behaved… then I needed to top my order up so… You can see in the photo that the background isn’t white (as it seems in the Asos pics) but you can’t quite tell in my photo that it’s a really nice soft pink shade. I love this dress, a lot. I got it for £9 here

I didn’t need anything else after I added my dress but then I saw this and it was cute and it’s £4 and it’s roses… It’s still in stock (here). I’ve had jewellery like this before and it’s so fragile it tends not to last long but if you can get it for a bargain price then at least you can enjoy it whilst it does last! 
So there’s the bits I picked up. There’s other things I liked and other things I wanted but I held back and just got a few things that I felt would be worn a lot and would make a difference to my current wardrobe. I really do love Asos! 
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