Our little adventure with Barny – A day at the Barry Island on the Seaside!

We were asked is we’d like to try out some lovely Barny snacks whilst we went on a little adventure. Ethan’s a child that loves snacks (wonder where he got that from?!) so he wouldn’t have forgiven me if I’d not said yes and, as it happened, we already had quite a big adventure planned – We were off on a family trip to Barry Island for the day! It was my first time of taking Ethan to the beach and we went with Azii’ and Skye and Azii’s Mum and her husband Mike plus all of Azii’s brothers and their girlfriends and their children – 15 of us, in total, in a minibus! It was a real adventure!

The weather was surreal, on our way there we drove through a massive hail storm, there was rain and it was completely cloudy. As we neared Barry Island it got brighter and brighter, it seemed as though there was hope! By the time we got to the beach it was bright blue skies with not a cloud to be seen! Throughout the day there was some cloud and we even had to evacuate the beach at one point for a storm warning… but weirdly we had bright sunshine for almost the whole day!Thankfully we had plenty of sun cream to go around, we’d have all been burned to a crisp had we not. I don’t have my own sun cream, I’m so prone to burning that I share Ethan’s factor 50+. Thankfully Ethan remained burn free, as did the other children, but despite repeatedly re-applying mine almost 10 times I Still burned! I am not someone who’s made for beach life it seems.

Ethan and Skye didn’t have buckets and spades so our first stop was one of the seaside shops and we were amazed to find Spiderman and Hello Kitty buckets! Ethan loves spiderman and Skye loves anything with cats on!

There were many sand castles built throughout the day, and knocked over too! Ethan also loved digging through the sand to discover little rocks of bits of shell. He absolutely loved the beach, it was endless entertainment as he could just discover new things every single second.

And, as well as that, he also learned how to build sand castles! His first few were a failure but after he was taught how to dig for wetter sand he became a pro! You can see how pleased he was, it’s written plainly across his face.

It turns out that buckets are good for more than just building sand castles, too, Ethan got a lovely surprise when he discovered someone (I couldn’t guess who?!) had hidden a special snack in his bucket for him! For a child who’s normally led by his stomach, he really wasn’t too bothered by food that day as he just wanted to play, but he was happy to make time for a snack when it came to the cakey, chocolatey, goodness that his Barny snack contained.

Ethan’s bigger cousins spent a lot of our day digging this really, really big hole and Ethan, Skye and their cousin Keira all loved getting in the hole and hiding. Towards the end of the day, though, Ethan discovered a new way of using the hole, he used it to bury treasure! When Mummy didn’t let him fill the hole in to Actually bury the treasure Ethan went on a little adventure around the beach looking for clues so that he could ‘find the treasure’ (who cares if he’d hid it himself!) – You can’t fault imagination like that!

He spent most of the day with sand stuck allll over his face because I put his sun cream on so thickly – He didn’t seem to mind, though haha! He really did have the loveliest day at the seaside – It was so nice for him to be able to play on the beach and with Skye and his cousins too! The Barny snack definitely helped him keep his energy up which is good because he, most definitely, used a lot of it!

Seeing as it’s me writing the post I thought it was only fair that I try one of the cakes out, myself! So before I started writing I tested one out… all for the sake of blogging of course! I was rather pleasantly surprised, the cake was soft and moist and tasted really natural and the chocolate filling was delicious. If you want to find out more about Barny then you can take a look here: http://www.barnyworld.co.uk/# – I can’t wait to try out the strawberry ones… of course I mean Ethan can’t wait to try them out, Ahem.

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  1. mylittlecuteface July 5, 2014 / 12:06 pm

    Lovely, I cant wait for my little cute face to be up and about doing such…nice picstoo

  2. Kat July 5, 2014 / 1:03 pm

    The pictures are wonderful! I am having fun myself just be reading your posts. Looking forward to more!

    Following you from weekend blog hop.

  3. Clare Nicholas July 5, 2014 / 4:20 pm

    You definitely can't beat a trip to the beach, getting messy and making sandcastles seems an ideal way to spend a day.

  4. Mummy's Blog July 5, 2014 / 7:42 pm

    The beach and cake – that's my kinda day!! xx

  5. Terri July 6, 2014 / 2:09 pm

    Made me smile!

  6. The Brick Castle July 10, 2014 / 10:11 am

    Wow! Going to the beach with 15 of you must have been such a lot of fun – you have enough for proper beach cricket!

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