Review of the delicious ‘Vanilla and Honey’ lip balm from Bee Good

You’d have to be a bit daft if you didn’t realise that I was a big fan of the Bee Good products – Maybe if you hadn’t seen the previous posts I’d forgive you but you definitely should have seen them because the products I’ve been lucky enough to review in the past have been fantastic (Honey and Wild Flax moisturiser HERE and Honey & Propolis cleanser HERE)

Thus far I’ve found that the range works wonderfully as well as smelling beautiful and being really nice to use. As such, when the ‘Vanilla and Honey lip balm’ arrived through my door I was rather happy. I’m such a lip balm addict (collection post will happen one day) and I have been obsessed with anything honey for a long time, add that to the fact that it’s from a brand I already quite love… very happy!
As I’ve extolled in past posts, this company is fabulous for using British Bees and helping to support the bee population as well as using more locally sourced ingredients rather than sourcing things from over seas. The ethics of the company is something that makes me really happy. Thankfully the product themselves make me happy too.

As you should be able to see in the photo the balm has a translucent, waxy formula and is homed in a standard tube with an easy to use applicator. I had expected it to have more of a creamy formula but I really couldn’t tell you why.

This balm couldn’t have arrived at a better time. It arrived not long before our beach trip on which I got rather painfully burned. My face was really well protected, thanks to my sun screen, but sadly there was no spf in the lip product I had been using (very very silly mistake) and my lips were the driest, most dehydrated that I’d had them in years.

To get them better I used a variety of favourite lip products but I let this Bee Good balm do a good amount of the work as I thought this was the best way to test it out. And it did Good! After a week of applying lip balms on a really regular basis my lips were back to normal and no longer leathery and sore – Thank goodness for that, honestly it hurt so much and I couldn’t wear any lip products as everything looked awful!

The balm melts on the warmth of the skin and becomes a little like an oil but it sinks into the lips really nicely. It leaves an oily residue after use so I wouldn’t recommend it before putting a lipstick on (though you could just wipe the excess off), I’d more suggest it as an evening balm or for during the day when you’re wearing something more glossy or balmy in nature.

It smells just as good as you’d hope and feels really really good on the lips. The fact that it worked so well when my lips were So bad is a pretty good indicator for me, it’s now become my handbag staple for when my lips really need hydrating (I often forget to reapply lipsticks so I’ll just use a balm to keep my lips moisturised instead).

The balm costs £4.75 which I consider to be a really decent price for something so effective but, also, so natural and ethically good. If you’re a big fan of the balm or if your friends want to try it, too, then you can buy it in a triple back for £10.50, HERE, which gives a surprisingly good saving (You know I’m tempted and if I didn’t have so many lip balms already…)

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  1. Happy Homebird July 29, 2014 / 9:25 pm

    I love my lip balms but haven't tried this one, must give it a go.

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