Birchbox UK – Unboxing / Review – August 2014

I had a sneak peak, via the Birchbox site, that let me know that the bag for this month was going to be a cute little, travel friendly, see through bag and, being the bag fiend that I am, was rather excited about this so I’ve been really looking forward to this months box. I’ve been rather pleasantly surprised by the quality of products in the box, this month, which is nice, so I won’t ramble on anymore, you want to know what’s in there. I will say, though, that if you like the look of the box yourself and you decide to sign up then it’d be awesome if you could use my referral link – It’d get both you and myself £5 to spend in the Birchbox shop. My link is:

The theme for this month’s box is ‘Away We Go!’ which is rather apt, it fits really well with the time of year and the weather we’ve (mostly) been having – I’m sure plenty of people are enjoying holidays at the moment or in the coming weeks.
And here are the products, in the aforementioned bag, I love the cute little ice lolly design on it, I’m such a sucker for these things.
Sat in the bottom of the box, underneath the bag, was my lifestyle extra for this month. Yes, that’s right, it’s a sample of a book! This isn’t the first time I’ve had a book sampler but it totally hadn’t occurred to me that they’d be perfect for in boxes such as this. Obviously not everyone enjoys reading but I’d like to think that lots do and these samplers contain the first chapter of a book which is just such a lovely way of deciding whether or not you want to try the book. I think this fits perfectly with the theme of the box; giving you a chance to try the book out before deciding whether or not it’ll be a good holiday read for you.
I was Very excited to see Supergoop in my box as this is a brand I’ve heard so much about but just never had the chance to purchase. Not only is this a Supergoop product but it’s a CC Cream and I’ve not tried a CC cream yet, I keep meaning to pick one up to see how they work but it’s just not happened. These are only small tubes but with the two of them it’ll give a couple of uses and I can’t wait to try them out – Especially as they have an spf of 35, I’m a bit crazy about sun care at the moment and this is perfect for this weather, and even for taking on holiday.
This nice sized tube contains an exfoliating cleanser by Vasanti which has some really interesting ingredients. The idea of papaya, mico-crystals and aloe makes for an interesting mix of products but it’s a formula that definitely interests me (and I’ve checked, the crystals Really are very micro) – This is a 20g tube and you’re only supposed to use a pea sized amount so it should last for a little while which is good.
Next up is a product by Number 4 who I’ve tried before from a beauty box. This 30ml bottle contains their ‘Super Comb Prep & Protect’ which is an interesting sounding product. It sounds perfect for this time of the year as it helps to protect the hair against sun damage as well as detangling the hair. I’m quite fond of the minimal packaging look of this brand, their simple appearance is appealing and I liked the last product that I tried from them. 
Next we have a sample of Nude‘s ‘Progenius Omega Treatment Oil’. I do like a good facial oil and this one contains omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 which is a whole lot of omega oils for one little bottle! I’m definitely intrigued by this one and, thankfully, because it’s an oil the 5ml bottle should last for a good few uses.
I was rather pleased to see a cream eye shadow in the box. I’ve had an even bigger love for cream formulas than normal recently so an addition to my collection is rather welcome. This cream shadow is from Wild About Beauty  and I got the shade ‘4 Matilda’ 

I love the dark purple colour of the packaging of this one and the dragonfly, along with the fun font, makes for a rather beautiful casing for this cream shadow. And the fact that the formula is paraben free promises good things for the product inside too!

The shade ‘Matila’ is a medium brown with some beautiful shimmer/sparkle running through it. 

The formula was a lot drier than I’m used to with a cream shadow but once you apply it it has a beautiful look and the shade is just lovely.

Definitely looking forward to playing with this one and finding out what it’s like to apply and what the longevity is like. A definite winner for me.
I try not to be one for gimmicks but having a cute makeup bag in place of the normal bags definitely captured me this month. I love the bag, it’s a lovely size and for those travelling abroad it’ll be perfect for carry on luggage.

The box was an impressive one, in my opinion, this month. The quality of the brands is just amazing and the value of many of the items is impressive too – There’s a nice range of product types and it’s almost like a little basic kit, if you were running out of the door in a hurry this could make a nice, basic beauty kit with the cleanser and facial oil for skincare, the Number 4 spray for the hair and the eye shadow and cc cream for a touch of makeup. Very nicely done Birchbox, another winner, in my impression .

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  1. Jessica Edmunds August 13, 2014 / 7:15 pm

    The eyeshadow is beautiful, i am all for deeper eye looks! I wish I had beauty sub boxes still xxx

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