Friday, 29 August 2014

Love Me Beauty - Unboxing / Review - August 2014

I'm so late in the month to be writing an August unboxing but I totally missed out on writing last months Love Me Beauty that I'm going to do this even though it's late. Love Me Beauty tends to be the last beauty box I get in a month, now, and it keeps ending up arriving when I'm already swamped in posts (or life, it arrived a few days before the wedding this month) but I still want to get these posts up as they are really fantastic boxes. So, without more fussing, here's this month's (just about) box.

I went for Edition 3 this month and it came with four full sized items as you can see above. Some rather nice items at that. 

The first item is the a la carte brow ink in the shade 'Blonde'. All three of the options had the blonde shade in which was a bit disappointing, and I know it is something that others weren't happy with either, but it's the sort of product I want to try and I know that a la carte is supposed to be a great version. It's a felt pen style product and it's supposed to be 'semi permanent' and allow you to draw on individual hairs with the fine tip.

The colour, actually, comes out like this when you swatch it to the back of your hand which isn't miles away from my brow shade (a little pale, still, but not as bad as I expected). I imagine this was picked as quite a universal shade as it's neither too ashy or too red or too light or too dark, it's very middling. I Think it'll probably work with my brows but still haven't had a chance to try it yet. What I will say, though, is that the idea of it being semi-permanent is quite believable, this swatch took SO long to come off my hand,  haha. This is worth £23 which is rather impressive.

This 'Beauty Wonder Oil' by Oriflame is one of the factors that helped me pick this box as I wasn't overly interested in the other two options available. It's supposed to be a really multi use product, as many oils are, and it includes beautiful ingredients like tonic ginger oil, coconut oil, vitamin e and almond oil which are all things that are going to get a yes from me. This stuff smells lovely, it retails at £8.49 and can make itself very comfortable in my collection of lovely oils, lovely lovely oils.

Next we have a Marsk mineral eye shadow in the shade 'Lucky Penny'. I swear I have an unhealthy obsession with copper coloured eye shadows - They do Not go with my colouring but they are so so pretty that I love them anyway! But in this instance it was, clearly, perfectly ok for me to get it as I wanted the Oriflame product and the lip pencil shade so this was just a by-product of that... I'll keep telling myself that.

It's so beautiful, it's like it's aflame... Totally worth it, even if it washes me out and makes me look odd, TOTALLY worth it. (Ps. It's worth £14.49, that got a bit lost in the worth it-ness)

Getting this shade of the Mirabella 'Lip Luster Liner' was a definite reason for picking edition 3, just look how beautiful it is! The shade is called 'Shy'. It's described as a 'sheer, brilliant lip liner' which us 'easy to blend and layer' and, as well as that, it contains aloe vera which is a really interesting ingredient which should help maintain the quality of the lips.

Look how beautiful this shade is, really! You can see in the swatch that it really is light and sheer, as described, and I can imagine it'd be great for a base on the lips. They recommend that you apply it all over the lips and then layer a lip gloss on top and I can really imagine that it'd work perfectly for that - Again I've not had a chance to try this but I am looking forward to it, it looks like the perfect autumnal shade to me. This is worth £10.50 which is an impressive end to the box.

So that's the August box. I was quite impressed, really, some very high value, full sized items and really great quality and nice shades too - Hopefully the blonde brow pen will be a fit and then it'll be wins all around. Looking forward to knowing what's happening with Love Me Beauty, soon, as I've seen some interesting, sneak peak emails recently!

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