My Wedding nail picks – Which should I go for?!

That’s right. I’m getting married in less than a week and I am still pondering which nail polish I should wear. I’ve gone for a mix of neutrals, pink tones and gold tones and I’m going to show you each different group. I’d love to know what you all think… I really just can’t make my mind up! Sorry, some of the nail wheel pics have dust in, some must have been stirred up when they were drying, it has nothing to do with the polishes, just my silly dust!

You can see, from the wheel, the types of shades I’ve gone for. Swatching them made it so much harder as they’re all so beautiful in their own way and I can picture so many of them working for the special day!
These are the three pink tones that I went for. L-R we have Essie ‘Eternal Optimism’, Essie ‘Tea & Crumpets’ and Barry M ‘Duchess’ (which is from their textured, royal collection)

Next up we have the neutrals. L-R Color Club ‘Goldstruck’, Models Own ‘Utopia’ and Estee Lauder ‘So Vain’

The last four shades are all my gold toned options. L-R we have Models Own ‘Champagne’, Nails Inc ‘Uptown Glamour’, Makeup Revolution ‘His Heart Is Gold’ and Barry M ‘Majesty’.
Like I said, sorry about the dust. The shade on the far left is Essie ‘Eternal Optimist’, it’s a beautiful dusky pink but I think it’s a little too dark for what I want for the day. That said it Is so pretty. ‘Tea & Crumpets’ is possibly not the right sort of shade but there’s still something about it. I can’t decide if I prefer the Barry M textured polishes with or without a top coat, as you can see with ‘Duchess’, above, when it’s without a top coat it’s got a really nice tone to it but I’m not sure what I think of the texture.
Next up we have the neutrals. ‘Gold Struck’ by Color Club is one of the current front runners as it’s a metallic neutral shade and it’s not too in your face but would work with a lot of colour schemes. Models Own‘s ‘Utopia’ is the other that I’m really considering; in a lot of photos it looks white but you can see, in this one, that it’s actually a lilac/grey toned off white shade and I just Love it! But I’m not sure if it’s Too pale. Lastly, here, is Estee Lauder‘s ‘So Vain’, this is one of the only ones that I’ve totally counted out, I think it’d really work for a wedding but it’s just too dark for my colours.
The last four are the more golden toned shades. I say golden but ‘Champagne’ by Models Own has a cooler tone to it it’s a beautiful shade but might be a bit too shimmery for what I want. When it comes to golden shades ‘Uptown Girl’ by Nails Inc and ‘His Heart is Gold’ by Makeup Revolution are great examples for a warmer, deeper shade you can go for the first one and then for a yellower gold you have the second – I love them both. Oh oh can you see why this is so difficult?! Lastly we have ‘Majesty’ by Barry M; for a while I thought about having that as my mail colour with ‘Duchess’ as an accent nail and having a top coat on them to take away some of the texture but it makes them a bit too glitzy.

So, you can see. There’s some I love, there’s some I love for other reasons and there’s some I think could be great but I’m just not sure. I’ve not got long left, so I guess we’ll just have to see. I’m sure I’ll post on Instagram once I’ve decided so, if you want to follow me on there, you should do. I will be posting lots of little snippets of wedding details in the coming days, my account is:

So which would you go for? What’s your favourite? What polish did you have for your wedding day? Help!

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  1. Vintage Folly August 12, 2014 / 10:14 am

    Oh my I really don't know – but now I want to see your dress haha! I went for a french polish because a previous colour had stained my nails! :-S

    • admin August 12, 2014 / 10:19 am

      I'm so torn, they're all so pretty aren't they!

      Haha there will be pics of that, not to worry!

  2. Jessica Edmunds August 12, 2014 / 9:41 pm

    I love the pink tones, they are just divine- so pretty xxx

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