Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Wedding on the 17th August 2014

I thought I'd write a bit about our wedding day seeing as I've done so many posts mentioning dresses and shoes and flowers and all sorts of things, I wanted to share pictures with you mostly. I haven't got many of the official pictures back, yet, but I have got ones which friends and family have taken, which are really good, which I will share with you.

The general gist of how the day went would best be described as - Perfect, simple, relaxed and easy. It went incredibly fast, like everyone days, but it wasn't this mad, busy rush which is what a lot of people warned of. Because we took out lots of the official stuff (like speeches and first dances etc) it gave us more of a chance to just let things flow naturally. I'm also really glad I bartered with them to give my photographer more time than they wanted to give him because this meant that we had plenty of time to just take things slowly with that, too, and we ended up with time left over before the meal that gave us the chance to see our friends and family and not be rush rush rushing through everything.

One of our official photos - Exchanging the rings

In all honestly it couldn't have gone better other than the fact that some of my family couldn't make it due to ill health and the fact that some had to leave early for the same reason. But plenty of people stayed and people disappeared at different stages throughout the day, and then the night, so we were able to spent more time with other people as some left etc 

The venue was perfect, the food was amazing, the cake was perfect and the DJ was so good playing the same songs over and over for Skye. The room we were given for the night was just amazing, it was a proper suite with a living room/dining room, tv in both that room and the bed room, massive bed room with the comfiest, Hugest bed I've ever seen and a massive bathroom with a bath and a shower. We made absolutely no use of anything other than the bed and the bathroom which is a shame, but we just didn't have the time. We did, though, have a lovely time the next morning, having a long breakfast, with lots of extra tea, with Azii's Mum and her husband, was really nice. 

Walking down the aisle - My beautiful bridesmaids and then my Dad and I. 

The rings and the flowers.

Azii and his brothers.

Me with my brothers and sister.

Azii and Skye - This picture is now featured on the Williams Syndrome facebook page in their 'Friends with Williams' album. My sister in law, Sophie, submitted it and it's so amazing that it's up there. 

I wish Ethan looked a little less fed up (hopefully our photographer got some smiley ones of this) - but Ethan and I, none the less. 

Azii and Ethan (This one is going on the wall)

My sister and I (yes it was windy!)

My new husband and I. This was not a comfortable position to sit in, it hurt, but such a beautiful shot to come from it.

The beautifully decorated tables - My Mum did everything - Made the posies that sat in the teacups, made the open flowers that sat on  the tables and then she set it all up herself whilst my sister and I were at home getting ready. 

Our beautiful wedding cake.
There's doing to be lots more photos to come but I think you get a pretty good idea of the day based on the ones we have, thus far. It was better than we could've hoped for and I'm so glad we have so many photos, already, to look back on to enjoy the day. 

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  1. Aww, these are lovely! You looked absolutely wonderful, and it seemed like a perfect day!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  2. Wow you looked absolutely incredible, you look truly happy & the cake is gorgeous xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  3. Congratulations lovely, you looked beautiful and it looked like you had the perfect day! :) xx

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments everyone :) xxx

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Mrs Gardner!

    The photographs are so beautiful.

    Jenny x

  6. Lovely photos, I love weddings so much. Looks like you had a fantastic day. Congratulations xxxx

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