My Wedding Skincare Routine – Trying to keep my combination skin blemish free

As a beauty addict, one of the obvious things that I’ve wanted to make perfect for my wedding day is my skin. I don’t have a big budget for skin care but I’ve been lucky to get some things as review items, some I already had and then some I’ve been able to get as part of special offers – I always love a money saver but when you’re budgeting for a wedding it’s a definite bonus.

Some of these items were sent to me/given to me as Press samples – They are shown with a * to simplify things as all other items were paid for with my own money.

So much skin care! I even missed one item out, so yes there’s been a lot of items that I’ve been using but my skin is better than ever. I’ve just got a couple of spots which I’m trying to battle but you have to consider that particular times of the month vary in terms of hormones and I’m someone whose skin is affected by hormones.
First up we’ve got the cleansing items. This is where I’ve missed an item out, oops, but first I’ll tell you about what Is here. On a daily basis I’ve been using the Liz Earle ‘Cleanse & Polish’* on a daily basis and my skin is absolutely loving it, I am So pleased that I got it to review for Birchbox (and I bought a second bottle with my Birchbox points). Once a week, sometimes twice, I also use the Soap & Glory ‘Scrub Your Nose In It’ exfoliator which is something I’ve been using for Ages now. I use this as a scrub but then I leave it on the skin for a little longer as it doubles up as a mask which is fantastic.The item I missed out is what I use in the evening and it’s the Soap & Glory ‘Drama Clean: 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water’ which is relatively new to my skin care regime but I am absolutely loving, it’s a really really good offering when it comes to the Micellar world.

Next up we have my day-to-day moisture products. For most of the time I’ve only been using a day cream but, following the Body Shop event that I went to recently I have added in the ‘Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate’ and the ‘Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil’ which I’m enjoying.I’m absolutely in love with the La Roche-Posay ‘Effeclar H’ moisturiser – My skin has never, ever been so moisturised! I am going to miss this once it runs out as I won’t be able to afford to repurchase it but you can be sure that once I Can repurchase it, I will. It’s a really thick cream and you don’t need much but it disappears into the skin quickly and does an amazing job.

I’ve been using the La Roche-Posay ‘Effeclar Duo’ for quite a while now and this is another product that I’m going to miss once it runs out but, again, I will repurchase it one day when I can manage to. My skin has never been so good as when I’ve been using this, along side the Liz Earle. Two cult skincare items and you can see why!The other product I use for blemish control is the Manuka Doctor ‘Api Clear Blemish Cream’. On the times that I do get spots I use this, instantly, to help keep the spot moisturised but also clear out the nastiness and make it go away. When I first started using this product I didn’t think it was a miracle product… now I do. This has cleared up So many blemishes for me over the past months, I love it. I don’t need it as much since my skin has cleared but when I do use it it works a dream.

Another item that I didn’t photograph was my beloved MOA ‘The Green Balm’ – I haven’t had to use it much, recently, but with the blemishes I’ve had this week I am using my miracle balm to help heal the skin up quicker than normal and, fingers crossed, it’s working thus far!

These two aren’t really a part of my skin care routine, as such, but they deserve an honourable mention. The Caudalie ‘Beauty Elixir’ is one of those products that’s been given cult status and I’m somebody that really understands why, it’s just beautifully refreshing and it seems to help my pores a little. The La Roche-Posay lip balm is really nice, I use it before I apply my makeup and my lips are so soft at the moment, even though they normally get overly dried out during the hot weather.So that’s it. These are the items that are keeping my skin clear. I can’t be as sure about the two Body Shop items, yet, as I’ve only just added them in. They’re part of my skin care routine, yes, but they’ve not had enough time to really take effect now. I’ve nearly cleared up the couple of spots that I do have so I am just going to keep my routine up and keep slathering my healing spots with my MOA balm, it is doing a great job and it’s only got a couple of days to keep the good luck up!! Wow it’s so so soon now.

This post contains PR samples – Please see disclaimer here

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