My Wedding Week in Instagram pics

I love reading ‘My week in photos’ or ‘My week in Instagram’ posts (or other such variations) but I never get around to making them myself. I’ve been using Instagram a lot more, recently, so I have enough photos to actually do this sort of post now, so here we go!

As some of you may know (it’s not been all over my instagram or twitter or anything,  honest!) I got married last weekend and, so, I thought that I’d upload my ‘wedding week’ in pics. It’s not exclusively wedding related, it’s just pics that have occurred in the lead up to the wedding and the week since!

Last minute centre pieces | Excited Ethan the day before the wedding | Final Wedding makeup practice
Trinket box from my sister | My sister and Ethan the morning of the wedding | Beautiful bouquet charm
Walking down the aisle | Exciting review items | Remembering Skye’s bouquet

I realised I hadn’t uploaded any bouquet photos which is why the photo of Skye’s bouquet is last as I uploaded it today. I know the Melvita post isn’t very weddingy but I got home the day after the wedding, checked my blog emails and had this op waiting for me, it felt like such good luck being the day after the wedding hehe.

So that’s my first Instagram post, hopefully there’ll be more! Almost 400 of you follow me on Instagram so there’s plenty of space for more, please do have a look:

I’ve still got plenty of wedding posts to come up, there should be a gift guide, my wedding makeup and just a general wedding post so share some beautiful photos with you all – Hope you like weddings!

I’d love to know what people think of this sort of post? Do you enjoy them? Do you do them yourselves? If so please link up in the comments as I’d Love to see! 

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  1. admin August 25, 2014 / 10:40 pm

    Thanks everyone 🙂

    Can't believe it's all over and done with already… all that planning, all that anticipation. I miss it.

    I miss the day too, I look at that pic of us all walking down the aisle and it was amazing, but it all went by so fast. I was most scared about the talking bit but it zoooomed past.

    I do like being married, though – I'm almost used to the new name, almost used to being called a wife but there being a Mrs in front of my name still feels very very odd; didn't realise how 'wow that seems grown up' it'd feel haha! xx

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