Old Wives Tail Jojoba & Clove Organic Oil Treatment review

It’s hard to believe, looking back, how much my hair has changed over the past few years and, as well as that, how much my attitude to my hair has changed. Go back a number of years and I had hair so long I could almost sit on it, I wore it in a plait and did nothing much with it, I did then start getting it cut a few years ago but even then I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. These days my hair is normally in a super short style and I just love using products that will help the quality of my hair and help it feel as strong and soft as possible and have it looking healthy and shiny.

One of my favourite things to use in my hair is oils. I’ve tried various oil products and have enjoyed all of them, but I’m never against trying something else, discovering something even more perfect. And that’s why, when I was offered to try something by Old Wives Tail, I said yes! I had a quick read of their story (here) which is a delight to read, and then took a little while deciding which of their products would suit my hair the best.

All of the Old Wives Tail products are hand made and 100% Organic which is seriously impressive! In the oils range there is an oil for hair regrowth and an anti-hair loss one too – My hair’s not in too bad a condition and I’ve been lucky not to suffer with hair loss, as of yet (don’t want to speak too soon!), so I felt that these weren’t the ones for me, but I do think the idea behind them is very interesting.That left the Argan & Rosemary organic oil and the Jojoba & Clove organic oil – In terms of scents I was interested in the Argan & Rosemary but that was listed as being for frizzy and fly-away hair which mine Used to be (back when it was uncared for) but it isn’t really any more. The Jojoba & Clove oil product, though, is for dull, thinning, brittle or broken hair and, although my hair isn’t doing badly, I find that it’s very dull so this one instantly sounded like the right option.

The product arrived in this simple plastic tub with the cute, distinctive logo on it but nothing over the top or in your face (yay!). On a separate little slip of paper comes the ingredients and directions for use, which I’ve kept hold of as you never know when you’ll need that sort of thing!

The directions are quite simple, ‘Use on damp hair and massage in to the scalp’ – You then leave it on for an hour before washing it out with clean water and shampoo until your hair feels product free. I’m still struggling, as with other products, to remember to use things like this as I always forget to use something Before a bath because my baths tend to end up being a ‘oops I forgot I need a bath, need to bath now or there’s no time!’ sort of affair. But I have managed to remember to use this a good few times in the lead up to the wedding and in the week since, too.

As you can see above the treatment is a pale, lemon yellow sort of colour and doesn’t look much like an oil, but when you apply it to the hair you can feel that it does have an oil-like texture. Cloves are an ingredient in this so you Are going to smell them when using it. I’m not a Massive fan of cloves but, although it’s noticeable, I don’t find that it bothers me when using this (though that might be harder for people with longer hair?).

The first time I used the Oil Treatment I was a bit disappointed – My hair felt good but it felt weighed down, too heavy. I had been sure to wash it all out but it seemed like my hair had found it a bit too much. Not to be deterred, though, I had a think about things and thought about the fact that my hair is Actually in quite good condition, so I thought that maybe an hour would be a good time for someone whose hair was struggling, but for my almost ok hair it seemed too much. As such I’ve only left it on for half an hour the rest of the times that I have used it and thank goodness for perseverance!

I now use this once a week, and leave it on for half an hour, and my hair Loves it! I mean LOVE! I can’t stop touching my hair on the day after I’ve used it, it feels so soft and healthy and it looks so so shiny! Without a doubt this stuff does a Good job! I shampoo twice when I’m washing it out and my hair feels perfectly clean after that. I then use a normal conditioner and leave it in for a few minutes and then that’s all. I don’t  need to add any extra treatments after cleaning, it just feels amazing! I may use some of my normal oils part way between uses of this, but definitely not straight after. My hair is, honestly, the best it’s ever been and I do find it quite funny that I’ve ended up having a similar experience as the account in the ‘Our Story’ section of the site, I really Can’t stop touching my hair!

Absolutely true love. A pot of this is going to last a long time and it costs £13.99 with free postage. If you’re interested you can find the one I’ve trialled here: http://www.oldwivestail.com/collections/organic-hair-growth-treatment/products/jojoba-clove-organic-oil-treatment-100ml

If you want to try one of the others then take a look at the rest of the Oil Treatments range. I am intrigued by the masks, now, though, so they may have to be a future purchase!

Have you ever used a product that makes your hair so amazing you can’t stop touching it? Please do let me know if you try any of the Old Wives Tail products, I’d love to hear what you think.

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  1. Laura Ludlow August 27, 2014 / 12:06 pm

    WOWIE that looks amazing! I love the smell of cloves as well and my post pregnancy hair could do with a boost!

    • admin August 27, 2014 / 12:18 pm

      Ooh you should definitely give it a go if you get the chance then, I highly recommend it!

  2. beautyqueenuk August 27, 2014 / 12:10 pm

    I can imagine how amazing this smells. I have the SOS one and the smell is amazing x

    • admin August 27, 2014 / 12:18 pm

      See even without liking cloves I somehow like this, love love love it, love my hair now I'm using it 😀 xx

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