The Body Shop Showcasing Event – August 2014 – Plus some up-coming / new releases!

A few weeks ago I was incredibly lucky to be able to attend a showcasing event for The Body Shop – I’ve been really lucky in the events I’ve been able to go to and this was definitely amongst the top few, I mean it’s The Body Shop! I was also lucky that someone I already knew, online, was going to the event so I met up with the lovely Julie from Just Julie so that neither of us had to walk in to the venue on our own (yup, this was a concern for the both of us, haha!)

In short we were given some time to mingle, with complementary drinks, to begin with and then we had a really informative talk from a variety of people representing both The Body Shop and Rakuten followed by the chance to do more mingling, trying products, getting make-overs and hand massages and there was also some really tasty food circulating!


The presentation which we were given was, absolutely, full of information about The Body Shop which ranged from their history to their ethos and also some really exciting new products that will be coming up. The Body Shop is one of those brands that I’ve known about since my childhood so, even when my love of beauty developed, I didn’t learn a lot about them because I already had a basic understanding – As such it was nice to actually learn some more detail about who they are and about how, absolutely, passionate they are about what they do; which includes the beauty but also the other good that the company does.

I’d say most of us already know about their lack of animal testing and the fact that their products are vegetarian, this is something that I was aware of way before I became a beauty addict, but the depth of their caring for the environment and the good they try to do is something I was fully aware of. It was especially nice to learn about how far their fair trade works, they can trace every single ingredient which they use which is very different from a standard fair trade policy which may be upheld by other companies. As well as this we were shown a short video about Teenage Cancer Trust, I do remember seeing some things on Facebook but, again, I wasn’t really aware of how much work The Body Shop had done/is doing to help Teenage Cancer Trust which, I’m sure we’ll all agree, is such a worthy cause.

As well as learning more about the company, themselves, we were able to hear some information about Rakuten Marketing and their programmes of work with bloggers. I’ve worked with Rakuten, as an affiliate company (Link Share), relating to a couple of companies so it was nice to see some further ways in which I can work with them in the future. Definitely something I want to look more in to when I get the chance!

I guess I’d better be fair, now, I told you I was going to mention new product and I’ve managed to avoid telling you Anything about that… I’m not trying to taunt you,  honest! The display, above, was for the gorgeous Wild Argan Oil range which was released just after the event, and which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago (See Here if you’d like to see my post) – I’m in love with a variety of products from this range, already, definitely worth checking out.

You may, also, be excited to see that The Body Shop are releasing a rather large range of nail polishes! Just look at all of those beautiful shades! These will be released in September and there’s 24 shades available in their formaldehyde and camphor free formula which contains fair trade marula oil. They’re going to retail at £5 which is a pretty reasonable price, I will definitely be picking up a couple of these (but don’t tell Azii, I already have too many nail polishes!)

These cute little tubes are for the new, mini, hand creams which are new in now! There’s the five above, Moringa, Strawberry, Shea, Coconut and Honey, plus Mango, Satsuma and Pink Grapefruit. I want Shea, Satsuma and Honey – I love everything in both of these scents And they’re mini, mini things are So cute! These are on the website, now, for £3.50 each. 

Something else which is coming in September is the Drops of Youth ‘Eye-Wide Concentrate’ which is aimed to be the perfect pairing for the Drops of Youth Serum (which I used in my Wedding skincare routine HERE) which is already available. This will be retailing at £18 which is at the higher budget end but you can see the rather impressive claims above!

As well as the items I photographed there’s also going to be an Instablur for the eyes (oooh!), there’s some some smokey gel eyeliners which look beautiful! It’s definitely going to be worth keeping an eye on The Body Shop in the coming months as they have some really exciting things on their way and some great things newly arrived.The event really was wonderful, I loved learning so much, I loved the sneak peaks at new releases, I loved getting to meet some of the team from Rakuten who I’d spoken to before, I loved meeting some lovely new bloggers and the food and drink was a rather lovely added bonus. I was very well behaved and turned down most of the alcohol but I did try a rather tasty Rose rum cocktail – That venue made nice cocktails!

As well as the fantastic day we were also given a really amazing goody bag (some of which you’ve already seen as a lot of it is from the Argan oil range).



We were very, very spoiled as you can see and it’s been amazing to try out products before they were out (or some which are new releases) – I’ve loved using the Drops of Youth eye roll on, it’s So refreshing. I stopped using it for a while, following the wedding, but I can’t wait to start using it again!So, yes, I am so so grateful at having been able to attend such an amazing event! Fantastic day!

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