Birchbox UK – Unboxing / Review – September 2014

Told you it was subscription box season, I was rather excited to see the delivery man put something in to my porch earlier (though good job I saw him seeing as he didn’t knock haha!) If you like the box as much as I do and I know others will then please consider using my code to sign up

The theme of the September box is ‘Happy Days’ – It’s suggesting that we enjoy looking back on our memories whilst making new ones as well.
And look at what was in the box! I was, very much, taken by surprise by how much was in there, a really broad variety of products and some real stand out ones too.
First up is a 4ml sample of this ‘Healing Oil Treatment’ by Agave – It’s only a small sample but with things like this you only need a small amount – I’d think I could get 3 or 4 uses out of this one as long as the little tube allows you to dispense a small amount at a time.
One of the lifestyle extras, next, this bag of pineapple pieces by Urban Fruit was a welcome addition to the box, for me. I’m trying to introduce more fruit in to my diet and things  like this are a great way to do so.
Next up is a Benefit product, yay! I have a sample of the ‘It’s Potent’ eye cream already but I have a friend who’s told me she absolutely swears by it so I am looking forward to trying it and happy to have another pot to add to my collection so that I can use it for longer.
Next up is a little 5m tube of Skin&Co‘s ‘Sicilian Light Serum’ which is something I’ve not heard of before. It’s supposed to even out the complexion whilst brightening, tightening and softening the skin which is a rather impressive list of claims. It’s only a very little tube but with serums it’s not so bad as they tend to last a really long time anyway. 
Next is the second lifestyle extra for this month. I knew we were getting one of these cute little picture frames and I thought it was a lovely idea – I really want to get some of my photos printed in a polaroid style and I think one will look great in here. It’s very fitting with the theme of the box.
Next is one that I know will excite lots of people – The ‘Beauty Blender’ is back! I got one of these last year and have used it lots since then, so much so that it’s probably seen better days so I am more than happy to get another one! As well as the blender there’s also a block of solid soap to clean it with which is something I’ve not tried before. This duo is worth an impressive £29 so that’s the box more than paid for. I’ve, also, just had a mail to say that all new sign ups for this month are guaranteed a beauty blender in their box, so don’t forget to use my code if this tempts you and you sign up! (
Lastly is a Lip Laquer from ModelCo in the shade ‘Morocco’ which is just the sort of mauvey neutral which I love. This is a cute little tube that may well end up living in my handbag as it’s definitely not going to take up too much space but should give plenty of uses, very nice.

The box didn’t make me go wow, for some reason, but I don’t really know why as it’s an amazing box. I wasn’t excited by the beauty blender, to begin with, But I realised I really could do with a new one so I’m really pleased to have got one now. Everything in the box is useful and everything’s very relevant to my needs. A good box, indeed. 

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  1. Emma Dean September 13, 2014 / 11:44 am

    Ah I love birchbox! I was so excited when I got mine this month too.
    The Benefit eye cream is amazing! It really helps make you look more awake and gets rid of some of the darkness (god knows I need that help haha!). Great post 🙂 xo

    • admin September 14, 2014 / 2:40 pm

      Haha I think I'll be starting to try that out soon then xx

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