Crazily comfortable, fantastic looking lounge wear from Your Dreamcatcher

When you suffer from chronic pain/chronic health problems it goes without saying that you enjoy lounge wear. Before Ethan started school (and I had to be up to get him ready for the school run) I used to spend a lot of days in pyjamas – Why? Well pyjamas are made for comfort, they have soft fabrics, aren’t too restrictive and tend to not have uncomfortable seams – When you have sensitive skin and aching muscles a lot of the time this is an absolute dream.

I am not, of course, ignoring the need for lounge wear for the healthier people out there – My goodness we all deserve pj days/lounge wear days. We live in a world where it’s often go go go so clothing which promotes slowing down, having a quiet day and just relaxing – Well why ever not?!

Your Dreamcatcher are a company that believe that you should be able to wear comfortable clothes, lounge wear, but still be able to look good – A match made in heaven I’m sure you’ll agree. They have a small range of beautiful looking clothing which looks comfortable even just in the photos – You can see how soft the fabric looks and when you look at their joggers you can see how soft and padded the waist band is, you’re not going to be rubbed and made uncomfortable in those – They just exude comfort.

I have been sent their off their grey off the shoulder top which I fell in love with before I even knew I was getting it. I love their logo, the dream catcher is something that really reminds me of my younger days when I had them all over my room and had some really treasured jewellery in the shape of a dream catcher too. For this lovely company the dream catcher represents the idea of capturing and following your dreams – Something which we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

As well as the beautiful lounge wear, Your Dreamcatcher have a range of simple, beautiful jewellery. I am very very tempted to buy the necklace or bracelet even if just because it reminds me, so much of the necklace I had when I was younger.

Yup, sadly, my photos are still taken in the same place – I’ve hunted through the house to find somewhere better, I tried outside but nowhere really worked quite right – So here I am in front of a slightly imperfect door frame again!

Thankfully, the background doesn’t detract from the subject and, in this instance the subject is my beloved ‘Grey off the shoulder top’ – Yes, I said beloved – When you have super sensitive skin and clothing often hurts, something as comfortable as this top is just amazing! And I think you’ll agree, as well as being comfortable it looks just great.

I paired it, for this photo, with my Primark jeggings and lace effect pumps as well as some of my favourite accessories; my Olivia Burton watch from Time By Me, my owl clock necklace (which wasn’t intentionally tucked in but I actually quite like the way it looks) and a pearl style bracelet from Primark – This is the sort of outfit I’d put together if I was planning on staying home but might want to pop out to the garage for supplies or might need to do the school run. I think it’s casual but, to be honest, looks great – Definitely a case of lounge wear with style.

I’m a size 10-12 and I have this in a size 12 which should give you an idea of sizing. It’s not the biggest fit ever but it has plenty of room and stretch in it, too; I think that, if I was a more standard 12, this would still fit me. The top comes from size 8-16 so should fit a range of people. The top does have a tendency to crease but that’s a small price to pay for this level of comfort, in my mind. It washed well and dried quickly (It’s not meant to go in the tumble dryer)

I love the off the shoulder style, I love the shade of grey that they’ve picked and I love love love the logo – I often avoid clothing with logos but this one I am more than happy to make an exception for. For £19.99 I think this is a good price, it’s not as super cheap as places like Primark, but it is cheaper than you’d get for the majority of high st stores and, to be honest, the quality of this clothing is above and beyond a lot of stores. Honestly, in love. I have been really considering the necklace, bracelet and joggers from the range, they may well be going on my Christmas list this year!

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