Exciting Oral care from ‘Hello’ – Mojito mint breath spray and Supermint mouthwash

Try not to take it to heart, people aren’t always trying to tell you something unpleasant when they offer you oral care products, it’s not always personal! As was the case when I was offered the chance to try out some oral care products from ‘Hello’.

I’d never heard of ‘Hello’ oral care products before, they’ve not long come over to the UK (July), so I was really interested to learn a bit about them. They’re a bit hit over in the US, though, even with celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Christina Milian, Krysten Ritter, Nick Lachey and Elija Wood which is a rather impressive set of recommendations!

Two items have been brought over to the UK and the first of them is the breath sprays which comes in three flavours – Super Mint, Pink Grapefruit Mint and Mojito mint. Obviously I was intrigued by Mojito mint so that was my first choice for this little spray. I mean who wouldn’t want to try a mojito inspired breath spray?! Or is that just me… (You’ll have to let me know what you’d have chosen)

The spray comes in this rather appealing looking, funky little container which was designed to look good and has, actually, won design awards! It’s small but is still easy to find in your bag because it’s so distinctive, plus isn’t it infinitely nicer than the standard little spray bottles?

And the mojito flavour? Well mint is obviously a big part of it but there really is a strong hint of what I think is lime in it, too. It’s really really nice, the additional flavour takes the edge off the mint and is just rather enjoyable. These sprays are £3.99 which I think is quite reasonable – They can be bought from Boots and Selfridges in the Uk.

As with the breath spray the mouthwash is alcohol and dye free which is really rather nice. I told them to surprise me with the flavour of the mouthwash and they decided to send me the Supermint flavour. Obviously this is a lot stronger in flavour than the spray – One of the promises for this is that it’s ‘ouch’ free and I don’t entirely agree as it’s very strong in the mouth, But it’s a Lot less strong than other mouth washes and it’s much less aggressive, it’s just very strong. But, once you spit it out, that slight discomfort disappears and it leaves you with amazingly clean, fresh breath which was surprisingly impressive (honestly, I used it on a day when I Really needed it).

The bottle for this was, also, designed to be attractive and to be something you’d happily have on show – It’s mouthwash so I’ve never really hidden them but I do see how there’s an appeal to this bottle design. These mouth washes also come in the same flavours as the spray – They cost £5.99 and are available at Boots, I believe they’re meant to be available at Selfridges, too, but I can’t see it on the site at the moment.

It’s mouthwash and breath spray at the end of the day but when you can get something that lacks a lot of the nasties and also comes in fun funky flavours, in fun funky packaging… well who’s complaining?! I like these products and I think I’ll try out the pink grapefruit spray at some point, too!

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