Introducing Ben’s Beginners – Teaching children and parents how to cook*

This is a sponsored post, by the way, but as always the feelings and thoughts included are very much my own.

I was thrilled when I heard that cooking had become part of the curriculum again; I’ve come across people who don’t know how to cook on a regular basis throughout my life and it’s always such a shame. Cooking is such an invaluable life skill as well as something that really can be enjoyed. I used to cook really regularly and have always loved experimenting with recipes and ingredients; making my own concoctions – I don’t cook as often as I used to, any more, because my health makes it very difficult – I do want to cook more, though, and my new perching stool should help as should some new, simple recipes that won’t be as hard on my hands or my back.

The knock on effect of adults not cooking, of course, is children not cooking and that’s an even bigger shame as we’d, then, have another generation that didn’t cook, missing out on the enjoyment and the necessary skills that it affords. Despite my troubles, I do like to bake with Ethan from time to time, he absolutely loves it.

Ethan baking crumble with Grandad (Yes Grandad always forgets the apron!)

Some parents might not feel confident to help their children cook and they may be looking for extra ideas or motivation and, thankfully, there’s a fun new Youtube channel which is great for children and parents – There’s the chance to learn new skills, practice recipes, see where ingredients come from and even enter competitions – And step in Ben’s Beginners.*

I, for one, am going to be subscribing the channel and I’m sure lots of you will too – I think it’s going to be a great resource for recipes – I’ve got a  much better chance at being able to cook if I can find some ideas which are simpler and easy to do, plus hopefully less taxing on my hands and less time consuming so it doesn’t affect my back.The recipe episodes are taught  by DJ BBQ, who you can see in the intro video above, who strives to make them fun and compelling (and to be honest they really are – Ethan’s still quite little to be doing much himself but I can see these videos really making him want to help me and be involved)


The skills episodes are lead by Lisa Faulkner, who won Celebrity masterchef in 2010, and she teaches things as simple as chopping an onion and preparing a pepper – These are things that will really help children progress in their cooking and make the recipes more accessible.As I said before, as well as the recipes and the skills there are episodes which include taking the children out to see where ingredients came from, this includes eggs, honey and fish – I’m really interested to see what else. This is the sort of thing that’ll really intrigue children like Ethan and educate older children who might be viewing.

The recipes that are live, thus far, are chilli, sweet & Sour chicken, steak burritos (Ethan recently tried his first burrito and I know he’s going to want to watch that episode) and the veggie omelette – I think the variety of recipes is really good and it’s great to be able to find recipes for such favourites which are healthy and child friendly.

A recipe which I’m looking forward to seeing is the ‘Perfect Fish Finger Sandwhich’ the recipe looks delicious and Ethan and I definitely need to try it on one of my better days (though it’ll have to be when Daddy isn’t there as he’s not the biggest fish fan ever) The recipe is as follows if anyone wants to try it out:

If any of you give this a go I’d Love to find out what you thought of it? As well as letting me know you can let them know over at Ben’s Beginners – They have a competition section where they encourage people to cook their recipe’s and winners can get cooking equipment for their school which is fantastic.And as if all of that wasn’t enough you can follow Ben’s Beginners over on twitter @BensBeginnersUK which is a great way to interact and see what’s going on if you’re not logged in to YouTube constantly (I know plenty of us are twitter addicts which may well remind us to log on to YouTube for new episodes!)

So there you go – I hope I’ve given you enough information. If it’s not obvious, I’m really impressed with the channel and I’ll definitely be trying to keep up with it and stay subscribed so that I can try to make use of it as a resource. Even though 1/4 parents admit that they don’t cook with their children there’s still those 3/4 of us that do so I know we’ll love the channel and hopefully those remaining 1/4 will be converted once they see how simple it all is!

This is a sponsored post – please see disclaimer here

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