It seems that getting Myself ready for school is hardest of all* – Fairy ‘The softest they’ll ever be’

So Ethan’s started school…

I am not coping with it entirely well, to be honest, he’s four and a half now but it feels like it was only yesterday that he was born – I miss those new born cuddles, I miss his little baby face. That said, I quite love his little 4-year-old face too, so it quite makes up for it.

I was given the chance to write thisΒ Sponsored post to promote the concept that Fairy’s trying to share and that’s that they’re ‘The softest they’ll ever be’ – With Ethan going to school and with my internal breakdown every time I think of my baby growing up I thought it was a Very apt post for me to agree to do. So, before I get on to my inner turmoil, here’s the video (be warned, it makes me cry I am a silly wreck so you’re probably safe, but keep it in mind)

As you can see, the video they’ve made is beautiful but it is rather sad – It reminds us How quickly they grow up and How important it is to cherish, enjoy and make the most of every moment. But here’s the thing… every day they’re Always the softest they’ll ever be because the past is the past, they’ll never be this soft and cuddly again because they’ll always be a day bigger. It doesn’t matter if they’re not a snuggly little baby because we already did that bit, they’re now teens, tweens, school-kids, pre-schoolers, toddlers or maybe they are still your baby but just not a newborn anymore – Whatever they Are, though, is the youngest they’ll ever be and every day you have that day to make the absolute most of it.
Looks like butter wouldn’t melt, right? Well, as it happens he’s actually quite difficult at the moment, I think it’s one of those ‘I’m going to school so I know best about Everything… something like that anyway.

Despite his tricky behaviour I’ve been determined to make the most of our last few weeks together – The fibro limits what I can do so I’ve not been able to do crazy big days out but we Have had lots of snuggled up on the sofa time, readings books, watching movies together – We’ve been doing lots of talking and spending time together, and oh yes the cuddles! After the wedding he went on holiday with my Mum and when he called me he told me that he missed the cuddles so I think I must have got through with those cuddles.

I want to be able to give you some amazing advice if you’re struggling with your little one going to school but I don’t have it – I am not coping. But I AM trying to make the most of our time, I just want to cuddle him all of the time. When we cuddle he asks me if he’ll still be able to have cuddles when he’s a grown up and I promise he’ll Always be able to have cuddles. Whatever it is that you’re doing with your little one – Be it feeding your newborn, giggling with your baby, playing with your toddler or reading with your pre-schooler, make the most of it. And, if like me, you are despairing over your little one going to school… make the most of it. Read their story books with them as much as possible, cuddle them, talk to them, play with them – They don’t need big days out or flashy things, they just need us, and we need them.

We were also sent these lovely gifts, from fairy (Fairy Non Bio Gel and Fabric Softener), which I used to wash his clothes in ready for school – I love how the detergent smells and I love the softener – I’ve never used softener before but it makes him extra cuddly. I know this doesn’t have much to do with the topic of the post but I genuinely enjoyed using the products so I wanted to keep it in here.

And as for that little guy on the left?

Well this little guy was such a lovely surprise because Ethan’s school run a teddy bear theme during their first weeks and they need a teddy to take to school with them for the first week and a half – It was So nice being able to send a new, cuddly teddy that I was able to give to him with him… I can’t go with him but teddy has – What a lovely idea of the school’s, something for them to take with them to keep them company and remind them of home – So, thank you, Fairy for having sent something, without meaning to, that’s actually helped this first couple of weeks.

They’ll never stop being our babies, but they will keep insisting upon growing so we have Got to cuddle them, smell them, tickle them and just cherish those tiny moments – Thank you for reminding us of that, Fairy – I hadn’t forgotten but another reminder is always amazing and the video Really does put things in to perspective (oh and makes me broody but that’s a whole other kettle of fish haha).

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      Thank you πŸ™‚

      Ethan loves school, too – Hope she's settling in well πŸ™‚ xx

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