It’s a well known truth that tea cures many ills – Pukka tea from

If you know me at all you’ll know that if a company offers me tea… well it’s tea! We like tea a lot in my house and we drink it all throughout the day – Water and tea are my main forms of hydration. I used to drink my tea strong, two sugars and a splash of milk… but then one day I suddenly couldn’t stomach milk anymore, it made me incredibly bloated and made me feel sick. In stepped black tea. Previously I’d never liked my tea black but now I always have it that way and I just Love it.
There were lots of great tea to pick from from – various herbal offerings which would have done my stomach, or head or various other parts, a lot of good but when I saw that there was Earl Grey I was swayed. There’s a bit of a story there, you see, when we went out for tea for my ‘tea and cake’ hen do I was daring and I tried Earl Grey for the first time – I enjoyed it So so much! So when I saw the chance to get some for home I just had to (I know I could’ve picked some up from the supermarket but I forgot)

I’ve tried a few different Pukka teas, before, ones that have come in beauty boxes and the likes – I’ve always really enjoyed them as they’ve been beautifully balanced and really great quality. I actually wasn’t entirely sure what gives Earl Grey its distinctive taste but it turns out that it’s bergamot – You learn something new every day. It’s very nice to know you’re getting organic and fair trade when you go for Pukka tea too.

As I said above we love tea, we really do, but there’s something even more special when you have a delicious cup of tea on a cooler day, as the weather begins to lean towards autumn and winter I find myself wanting to curl up with a cup of tea more than ever – And this Earl Grey was just the perfect drink for doing that with.

It’s got a softer taste to a standard tea but as well as that is has a beautiful fragrant, herbal, floral sort of scent/taste to it. I wouldn’t want to drink Earl Grey with milk in (even back when I drank milk) but as a black tea its just perfect. This stuff is my special tea, now.

The people over at have some really great information regarding the benefits of 7, different, herbal teas so I said I’d be happy to share their info. It proves how naughty I was going for a basic tea, rather than anything herbal, as all of the tea on here have some really impressive qualities:

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    • admin September 13, 2014 / 4:47 pm

      Definitely one of my favourites, now, too!

  1. Nivedita B September 13, 2014 / 6:00 pm

    Since tea is so easily available here in India, I have been taking it since I was fifteen. I preferred black tea back then ( milky ones taste good,but the flavor of the brew is lost, though as a drink, they can be wonderful with cardamom or cinnamon). Later, I switched to green tea. It's benefits are the same as the black tea, only the caffeine level is even lesser. It does help me with my energy level and immunity.

    Sorry for almost spamming your comment section. But tea is something so close to my heart!


    • admin September 16, 2014 / 7:03 pm

      Haha you didn't spam – We Love tea in this house so I really don't mind talking about it!

      I think once we've got our own place to live we'll end up having lots of different types of tea -It's a bit different when it's my Mum's kitchen, she doesn't really want the space filled with teas that she doesn't want haha xxx

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