Love, Honour & Be True Wedding Makeup – My Wedding lipstick in ‘I Do’

When I was trying to get some support in putting together a Wedding Makeup post the team over at Love, Honour & Be True kindly offered to let me trial one of their lipsticks to feature in the post. I’d never heard of the brand, before, but had them recommended to me by a fellow tweeter and I am so so glad that they were.

Love, Honour & Be True is a new company, launched early 2014, which was set up by sisters Kitty and Helen. Following Kitty’s wedding in 2011 they realised there was a need for a really reliable lipstick for brides, which they could keep topping up after their makeup artist had left. They, now, have a range of 5 lipsticks which promise to not bleed, to be moisturising and be nourishing and I was really excited to put one of them to the test.

The lipstick came in a little organza bag with a label saying “Today’s the Day” with the Love, Honour & Be True logo in the background which was a lovely extra touch. My favourite extra touch is the little hearts cut out of text, I think they’re just lovely and such a sweet idea. I still keep my lipstick in the bag, I kept it in the bag throughout my wedding, too, it meant it was easier to find and kept nice and safe.

I really like the simplicity of the tube – It just had to be white, to keep with the wedding like theme – The logo is just beautiful and works perfectly for the packaging.


Having the logo on the end, too, means it’ll always be easy to find amongst other products – Though, to be honest I think it’d stand out anyway.
The tube, itself, is really strong feeling, it has a real feel of quality that’s nice from a more luxury product (These lipsticks cost £12). I like the simple text of the brand name written, again, on the tube.
My camera did Not want to pick up this shade correctly until I held it up against the pattern of my dress, that day, and then it showed perfectly. This is the shade ‘I Do’ which is described as a ‘rich, pinky nude’ which I entirely agree with. I spent some time unsure what shade to get, when I was picking, but I am so so glad that I went for this shade as it was just perfect with the simple, but healthy look I was going for.
As you can see it swatches nicely – It glides on to the skin and is well pigmented.
And there it is, worn, freshly applied for the wedding makeup trial that I did the day before the wedding. It’s a truly beautiful shade and absolutely nothing else would have worked for my wedding day.

The lipstick itself surprised me time and time again – It feels creamy and soft on application and isn’t drying at all. This sort of formula, then, you’d expect to wear off quite quickly but not so with this amazing lipstick! The first time I tried it on, I drunk out of a glass not long later and there was barely Any transfer, I kid you not. I find that the lipstick lasted really well – It’s not a stain, by any means, but I had absolutely no worries about it on my wedding day and the lack of transfer meant I could kiss my husband without worrying that he’d end up with pretty lips, too!

Honestly, I was blown away by this lipstick – I’ve never tried a formula so good before. Normally it’s creamy. moisturising but short longevity or long lasting and drying but definitely not the case with this one. And, as it did wear off, it did so quite nicely and the colour left behind was just as nice and not patchy in the slightest.

I couldn’t recommend these lipsticks more – I am thrilled that I was able to have this for my wedding, it just wouldn’t have been right without it.

What lipstick did you wear for your wedding? If you’re not married have you ever thought about what lipstick you Would wear for your big day?

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