‘Monkey Visits Grandpa in Hospital’ and ‘Monkey Goes to School’ with Monkey Wellbeing

You may have seen my post, a while back, about Monkey Wellbeing which has been created to help little ones who need to go to the hospital, have a blood test etc. It’s a great system which was created with children, really, in mind in a way to make things much easier to understand and help them deal with events, and changes in life which could be scary or confusing.

After having seen how great the first books were I was really pleased to have been sent two new ones – ‘Monkey Visits Grandpa In the Hospital’ and ‘Monkey Goes to School’.

The book to help with children visiting grandparents in hospital is quite apt, for us, because my Mum has been in and out of hospital over the past few years. Thankfully she should be coming to the end of that, soon, but it’s still good to have something to use to explain things to Ethan now that he’s old enough to really understand.

The ones that is Most fitting for us, at the moment, though is ‘Monkey Goes to School’ – My very own little monkey is starting school in only a couple of days so I was really pleased to be able to get this to read with him in the lead up to him going. The book is really simple and it shows photos of Monkey getting ready for school, meeting his teacher, making new friend etc with speech bubbles as well as a descriptive sentence or two to go with each image. It was really easy to read through with him and we’ll be reading it, again, over the next couple of days to help him think about ideas like making new friends. The simplicity of it, and the lovely images, also means it’s the sort of thing that he can flip through himself (with his own Monkey of course) and remember some of the story as he does so.

We also got sent this, fantastic, ‘Monkey Goes to School’ activity guide which comes with crayons, stickers and a special certificate.

Can’t wait to fill this out and give it to him on Tuesday, he Loves certificates but hasn’t actually had one since the day he was born (and he wasn’t as much in to them then!)

The stickers are great and fit perfectly with all of the things a little one is going to encounter over the first few weeks of weeks at school.

The book, itself, even has fantastic activities in it, such as the ones above – We’re going to do this tomorrow (Monday) as a way to get into the idea of things that he’s going to learn to do at school.

And there’s even a really important list for both parents and little ones – They’ve thought of everything!

I think the set is fantastic for new little starters and even if your little one has started already there’s no reason why you couldn’t use this throughout the first two weeks. I really recommend everything that they do over at Monkey Wellbeing, you can tell, for sure, that they’ve got children in mind in everything they do.

Do any of you have little ones starting this week? Or maybe they already started last week? I am, most definitely not ready but he is!

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