My Trusty Little Body Butter – Review

I am a big fan of body butters so when the lovely people over at My Trusty Skincare asked if I wanted to review their new body butter I was rather pleased. I’ve tried their ‘My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream’ in the past (post HERE) and I really liked it so I was really excited to see what ideas they’d come up with for a body butter, and how well it’d work.

The ‘My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream’ doesn’t have much scent to it so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the ‘My Trusty Little Body Butter. As such when I saw the sticker on the lid of the tub I was rather pleased to see that it contained neroli, bergamot and orange – I liked that the more all purpose cream wasn’t scented as that suited its purpose but when I use a body butter I like it to smell nice. All three of the scents in this are ones that I like so the floral, herbal, fruity scent of this is a bit like some sort of aromatherapy experience, it smells divine!

Obviously, though, fragrance isn’t everything; how it works is really rather important too and, even though I loved the scent, the results of this are where it excels! In the lead up to my wedding I had the chance to use this a couple of times and my normally dry, rough skin was so so much softer which made me feel much better about my legs even though my tights were very sheer. Honestly, I was surprised at how soft my legs were after using this, and how long lasting the effects are, it lasts So much longer than any other body butter I’ve ever used.

The moisturising ingredients in this are shea, coco butter and sunflower oil and the combination really does do a very very good job.

The cream isn’t quite as solid as a Body Shop body butter but it was thicker than most other body butters I’ve used, it is quite a nice balance. I’ve used it on both damp skin and dry skin and it works really well with both – They list on the site that you can use it daily but I definitely don’t need to use it every day as my skin stays soft for a really long time after using it.

As with the Trusty little sunflower cream the profits go back towards the patient care due to the products being developed by Salisbury district hospital and there’s definitely nothing wrong with adding support to the NHS!

I really like this body butter, a Lot, it’s definitely the most effective one I’ve ever used. Will it become the only body butter I use? Well no because I love using different smelling products depending upon my mood and some of my favourites are still very good, but this one is definitely my go to for that aromatherapy scented type of product and if I need my legs to be especially smooth then this will definitely be my first choice. The body butter is, also, only £7.99 plus postage costs which is really rather affordable – It’s available here:

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