Planning ahead… a little too much! My ‘Busy B – Busy Life Diary’ for 2015

Alright so we’re about to hop in to October, we’re a long way from the end of the year still (at least I like to think so anyway!) so planning for 2015 is just a little bit premature. But the thing is, I like planning, and that’s why I decided I wanted a diary.

It all started when I saw someone post, on Instagram, about a gorgeous academic diary which they’d just got – I like attractive stationery, I Really do and so this prompted me to look at some academic diaries myself. I normally just write lists and then appointments go on my phone but I felt that I was missing out on somewhere to write down When I planned on my posts going live, and it all being in order when I looked at that week view.

Problem was, I just didn’t fall in love with any of them. There was lots of basic, simple looking academic diaries and there was lots of Really nice ones but none of them had the right mix of looking pretty and having a good layout inside. There was one I loved but the postage made it far too expensive.

In steps the compromise.

I bought a Tiny little pocket diary for £1.14 which will last me until the end of the year and then I bought a 2015, full year, diary which I absolutely fell in love with!

I’ve found the pocket diary invaluable, even though it’s tiny, because it just helps so much to have my plans laid out in front of me rather than squished in to lists. It doesn’t have tonnes of space but I can put in enough for blog post schedules as well as any appointments or important dates for Ethan’s school.

The diary I opted for is from a company called Busy B – I ordered the diary from Amazon because I’m so used to it being cheaper on there but I wish I had checked their site first because they had some great bundles of products for a really reasonable price and all of their products are really interesting and have some great features.

I fell in love with the diary, first, because of the adorable bird pattern but it’s when I found out how it was laid out inside that I realised it was Perfect.

The reason it’s called the ‘Busy Life Diary’ is because for each week it has two pages and at the top of each page it has a space for you to write what that page is for. They suggest that you can have one page for family and one for work but for us bloggers it lends itself perfectly to one for family and one for blog. And just look at how much space there is for each side! I can write in blog schedule plans, plans for scheduling tweets, twitter chats, all sorts and then on the other side I can write in Azii’s hours, Ethan’s lunch choices at school, doctors appointments and any other reminders. I love the little ‘reminder’ columns down each side, too, there’s always those little extra notes that need a place to go.

Even more impressively these have little dividers at each three month interval which have little cardboard slots in which allow for you to pop in scraps of paper with notes on, business cards, receipts, tickets, anything that needs a home for now, but needs to stay near your diary too.

Yup, I’m in love with a diary – Being the stationery addict that I am it’s hardly surprising but these guys have just made it perfect. They’ve thought of so many little details, all the things that a busy person needs and they’ve fitted it all in to one, really cute looking journal.

They also do wall calenders and planners etc as well as other home bits. One of the things I Really want to get from them in the future is their chalk board labels which allow you to stick them to your jars and re-label them depending on what’s inside – Not to mention they have a lovely, rustic feel to them.

Yeah, I am a bit in love with this brand and so glad that I randomly decided I needed a new diary this far ahead of the new year – They might have all been sold out if I’d looked later and then I would have been very sad, haha.

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  1. Tara-Jane Bloomfield-Gerdes September 29, 2014 / 2:55 pm

    This diary has a brilliant layout! I'm pretty fussy too when it comes to space to write and organisation of a diary. I'm a bit disappointed I already bought an academic diary from Paperchase now after seeing this!

    Tara / Headline Beauty xox

    • admin October 3, 2014 / 3:01 pm

      Oh but paperchase diaries are Lovely!

      I do love stationery, I really don't need more notepads but… oh note pads haha

  2. AliceMegan September 29, 2014 / 4:54 pm

    I've got this diary at the minute it's the best thing I bought for university I adore it!

    • admin October 3, 2014 / 3:02 pm

      It's fantastic isn't it – It's a big reason to look forward to the new year xx

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