Primark haul – August / September 2014

Primark hauling time! Yup, with the honey moon and extra money to spend on taxi’s plus lovely friends who gave us lifts we were able to go to town Twice recently (one of which was today) so I have been able to do two Primark shops. Neither of them were massive but I got a few real gems and I wanted to share them with you, I swear the place is sometimes a hidden treasure trove.

Yup, massive comfy dressing gown! I love the mink shade of this and the slightly textured pattern in the fabric. I would’ve wanted something floral or more pretty but there wasn’t anything like that at Primark and I didn’t want to spend more than Primark prices haha. But I do really like this, as it happens, and the fabric is so thick and squishy I feel like a giant teddy bear when I’m wearing it. This was £10, can’t go wrong really.
If you know me then you’ll know this was a must have, I Love anything with roses on normally these things are much more fussed with, text or numbers and things seem to be a favourite. Obviously this isn’t just a flat image on a tee but the texturing in it actually adds to the effect in this case, Love it. This was £4!
I got a really cute, floral thermal mug style cup too. It’s plastic rather than ceramic which many of them are, so I don’t know if it’ll be actually thermal but I still really like it and it’s just nice to have something that Might keep my tea warm for longer (plus I can pretend I have takeaway drinks when I don’t, yup, I’m that cool) This was £2 I think.

These were a real favourite purchase from the trip, they were £6 and they’re from the Autumn range. I love the charcoal colour and the beautiful floral pattern – So so pretty. They’re slightly warmer than standard leggings, too, which is good as the weather is beginning to cool down.
These lace print skinny jeans were my bargain purchase as they were £13 down to £5. I really like jeans like this but I wouldn’t have paid £13 for them because I have lots of skinny jeans. So I was Very pleased to see them at such a reduced price as that made it ok to buy them!
And here’s a quick group shot of the other things I bought on my latest trip. I went in because I wanted a blanket and I saw they had some on sale when I was in there previously – This photo doesn’t really show how big the fleece is, it’s an extra large size and I got it for £4.90, plus it’s that beautiful muted purple butterfly print, yay.

The other item for myself is the pyjama cami. I wanted the pyjama trousers or the night dress but I didn’t really want to spend much as I have a lot of nightwear so when I found the cami, in the same fabric for £3.50 I was thrilled!

The other reason I went in there was to look for more pants for Ethan. I quite wish I’d bought him a pack of plain coloured ones which were 7 for £4 because he’s been ruining them with bad potty training stuff, but I was feeling generous and bought him 5 pairs of marvel ones for the same price, they are quite awesome though, aren’t they? (The yellow pair you can’t see are iron man ones)

The last item for him wasn’t something I went there for but I saw a Frozen tee for him and I just needed to get it as he’s  become obsessed with the show (as have I, surprise surprise) He was So excited when he saw I’d bought it for him!

Yay for Primark, long may the hauling continue!

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  1. beautyqueenuk September 1, 2014 / 1:25 pm

    Loving the dressing gown, I need a new one x

  2. Jessica Edmunds September 2, 2014 / 1:21 am

    Am i the only one who hasn't been to primark the whole of this year?! Seriously! i really want that thermal mug I saw it on their instagram so expect it to sell out xx

    Blonde of carbs

  3. Keri Jones September 3, 2014 / 7:20 pm

    Fab haul, I never get long enough to look around Primark. Maybe I will have to see if the inlaws will look after the boy and have a proper root around 🙂 x

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