Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A great way to share Spotify with your little one - The 'My Songs' app

When we were asked if we'd consider writing about a child friendly app on Spotify called 'My Songs' I was instantly intrigued - So many people use Spotify now, it's everywhere so I wondered what this app would do to make it more closely aimed at those littler people in our lives.

I have, actually, never used Spotify myself but my husband has and he's used it to play songs to Ethan but, of course, it's not something where Ethan can get too involved because it's mostly Azii's music on there and where a lot of his music is child friendly, not all of it is.

It's really easy to find the 'My Songs' app, using the 'App Finder' app you just look for the one with the big yellow smiley face - You might not be surprised to find out that that stands out quite easily, haha.

The app, once you've got it, looks as you can see above - It's bright and eye catching, it'll really capture the attention of most children because they're going to know that it's for them and they're going to want to know why!

Again, as you can see in the pic, there's a long list of song types, within which there are play lists - Party, playtime, rhymes, pop, sports, learning and films are just some of the categories and then within these there's at least one, and often more, play list. It's all super simple to use and within each section there's a button to click -5 and +5 so that you can get songs aimed at either of those two age groups.

Ethan's favourite playlist is the 'Movie Songs' playlist - It starts with Frozen and then has Despicable me and Toy story, he was hooked. He loves his films but he has to be rationed otherwise he'd watch them all day so this is a great way of giving him a movie-like fix but not having him glued to the telly - That said, I think we both quite liked it too, haha. We both get Frozen stuck in our head a lot and other Disney songs are rather familiar to us too - In fact 'Happy' from Despicable Me 2 was put on Loads at our wedding as both Ethan, and Skye, went nuts whenever it came on so that song even has a bit of sentimental value.

Ethan was really excited every time we used the app, I think he really loved the idea that it was especially for him - He likes music a lot and if it's something that he recognises then even better. The good thing about the app is that you'll have songs that they recognise mixed in with ones that they won't, that way you're introducing them to something new as well. 

Maybe not the best quality picture ever but this is Ethan dancing, I tried to get him to slow down a bit so I could get a better picture but he was having none of it - I guess this one shows, quite well, how excited and happy he was about it, though, he really enjoys listening to music and bouncing around like a loony.

Considering that this app is free, and you can run it on a standard, free spotify account, it's a great idea. If you're having a children's party, looking for some seasonal songs (Halloween and Christmas sections are on there, too) or just enjoy listening to songs with your children then this is a great way for them to get involved and take a bit of ownership in what they're listening to without you having to worry that it'll be put on random and they'll end up listening to Slipknot on the next song (which is why I have to be wary when letting Ethan listen to my music haha).

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