Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Beautiful Fairy Lights from Blaze On* - Review

Pretty things make me smile, a lot, but pretty things from a company with a strong ethical code makes me smile even more. The moment I read about Blaze On I just knew I wanted to work with them - Firstly their products are beautiful and secondly they use fair trade, ethically sourced products as much as possible as well as working with a number of home-run businesses in Thailand which means they're working with people to help better their lives. How's that for a first impression?!

If that's not enough for you then how about This for a second impression? Oh yes, just look at these beautiful, beautiful floral fairy lights! It was really, really tough to decide which of their products I wanted to try (there's so many beautiful lights as you can see HERE) but it came down to the 'Romantic Roses'* (£22.90) quite quickly based upon the flower as well as the colours - I didn't want just white as I like splashes of colour, but I also didn't want Just pink as it can be too much - The mix of pink, purple and white is just perfect for my tastes as it gives colour without being too in your face. These are the lights on the site: http://www.blaze-on.com/fairy-lights-roses-romantic/fairy-lights-roses-romantic-show-garden-20-bulb-led *

The lights came really nicely packed - I don't normally like it when there's lots of empty space in packaging as it suggests waste but in these it shows that they've been packed in the safest way possible; giving them the space to not get crushed.

You can see each of the colours, here, and I think they're just beautiful. The purple and pink are both bright but with slightly muted tones - I love how they emulate the sorts of colours you'd see on plants such as orchids and I think that this means that they would be beautiful as a decoration in their own right, not just as lights.

As you an see in the photo there's a few flowers which aren't connected to the string of lights - At first it seemed as though, maybe, some of them had come off in transit but when I checked they were, actually, stuck to the string. They're, actually, spare flowers - There's one of each colour so that if any of them get damaged over time you can replace them, what a lovely idea! The string has 20 led lights on it, so you're getting 23 of the roses to go along side that.

Don't they look beautiful when switched on! They absolutely transform when lit up, the white looks more cream, the pink becomes a more dusky shade and the purple becomes more of a plum colour - They're just beautiful. As you can see, the led lights, in these, aren't too harsh and that's  because they're soft white LEDs. I was very, very impressed when I read that they have up to 10 years (100,000 hours) of light in them, absolutely amazing! As well as this they come with a 1 year electronic guarantee and UK technical support which is really reassuring.

I took these pictures in the day light as I felt like it'd be a better way of capturing them, they'd have been very difficult to photograph them in the dark. We've been given permission to use the photos from the site and I want to show you the picture that made me fall in love with them, this how they look in the dark.

As you can seem from the photo above, which is from the Blaze On site, these fairy lights look so beautiful in the dark - I love that they're really nice without being light, they're stunning lit up in the day time and then even more beautiful in the dark; they work in any situation!

And, just to prove my last point, here they are, in the day light, unlit. I think they're easily the sort of thing that you can leave up all the time if you want to, they aren't something you have to put away between uses (unless  you want to of course). They're beautiful for the every day, they'd be stunning for a wedding (as would many of the other colours and designs), fantastic for a party and just amazing for a whole range of instances. When we move out, and get the new type of bed frame that I want, I think these will live on our headboard (I'd like one that's metalwork) as they'd be a beautiful way of adding a little colour and lots of pretty! 

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I was sent these for the purpose of review but all opinions are entirely my own and are honest*


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