‘Daily Nourishing Spray’ and ‘Outbreak Rescue Cream’ – Bioskin Junior by Salcura

Both Ethan and I get eczema from time to time and we both get very dry skin. Ethan gets eczema on his legs as well as really bad orange peel, rough, dry skin on the back of his upper arms and on the back of his thighs as well as generally dry skin on the rest of his body so, when I was contacted and asked to review some items from the new Bioskin Junior range from Salcura I had to say yes and was really interested to see how they worked for him.

Salcura is a British company and their products offer an alternative to steroid creams and emollients for little ones from the age of 3 months and upwards – It’s really nice that there are other products available rather than these more harsh options, the idea of using steroids on children us one that many people struggle with.

When asked which items I’d like to try, from the range, I went for the ‘Daily Nourishing Spray’ and the ‘Outbreak Rescue Cream’ which are both from the Active Therapy range. The other items available are in the Eczema Friendly wash range and they are the ‘Bath Milk’, ‘Conditioning Shampoo’ and ‘Face and Body Wash’.

The ‘Daily Nourishing Spray’ is something we’ve used on most of Ethan’s body on a regular basis. It’s fantastic to have something so simple and easy to use; using a lotion takes a lot longer and when you have an awkward, impatient child who doesn’t want to stay still speed is of the essence. The other difference with this is the speed at which the liquid sinks in to the skin, rather than a cream which is messy and takes a long time to disappear, this stuff is gone in no time. A final bonus is the fact that it makes Ethan giggle when you spray it on him which makes him much more enthusiastic about using it whereas he’s normally bored of these things before long.

You can see, above, the list of ingredients which Salcura likes to keep out of their products but as well as that they list their active ingredient. For the spray that is Sea Buckthorn – This is an ingredient which I’ve quite enjoyed using in my own products, a body lotion which I’ve really enjoyed has featured Sea Buckthorn as a main ingredient.

I used this spray on Ethan’s torso and on his lower arms and legs but wasn’t using the cream on those parts so I can safely say that this spray has  made his skin much softer and smoother and healthier over all, very impressed.

The ‘Outbreak Rescue Cream’ is a thick, slightly transparent, off coloured, balmy cream… yup long description but that’s the best way that I can put it. Although it’s not the lightest of creams this still disappears into the skin quite quickly – I’ve only used this on Ethan’s thighs and upper arms but I can definitely tell that a little goes a long way. I’ve not been using this all of the time but only when  his skin is bad.

The active ingredient in the cream is Natural Volcanic Zeolite which is, actually, something I’ve not encountered much (or not knowingly, it may well be in products I’ve used but not in a big way). It obviously does a good job, though, as this stuff smoothed out Ethan’s super dry skin, and more inflamed skin, in no time at all! I am really really impressed with this and with how quickly it worked. Both of the products are good but this is the one that is amazing in a more topical sense, the other one is great for everyday but when things Do get bad then it’s the cream that’ll help sort things out.

The whole BioSkin Junior range can be found here: https://www.salcuraskincare.com/bioskinjunior/ 
The spray costs £9.99 for 100ml and the cream costs £8.99 for 50ml.

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