Fantastic photo magnets from PicStick – Review

I think it’s massively important that we remember to get our photos printed out, that we don’t just hoard them digitally and only view them on a screen – I couldn’t possibly get every picture of Ethan that I take printed out but I like to have some key favourites and I like to give them to people at Christmas time too; especially family who don’t have access to the joy that is the internet.

Of course photographs isn’t the only way to make our pictures real – We can get our images put on to phone cases, mugs, cushions, t-shirts and much much more. This post is a review of photo magnets from the website

The magnets come in a sheet which is easy to break apart (though be careful none the less) which makes it nice and easy for the company to ship them in an envelope that’ll fit easily through a letter box. Unlike previous picture magnets which I have had in the past, these aren’t square but are rectangular instead; much as a photograph would be – I quite like this difference as you don’t have to crop out part of an image to make it fit.

The first set of magnets which I was sent came through really blotchy and unclear but the company were really good and, upon seeing a photograph of this, they sent me out a new set. The pictures do, still, come out a little darker than previously but not too much, I would recommend using lighter pictures, though, as then you definitely won’t find this a problem.

The speed at which these are printed and, then, posted is really impressive – There was no time wasted at all in the process so if you want to get them as a last minute gift or just can’t wait to get them up on display then you don’t need to worry about that. This is even more impressive considering that postage is free, worldwide. That means that the ยฃ9.50 cost of these is the only cost you’ll pay, no added p&p, yay!

As you can see, these magnets just look lovely on the front of a fridge, it’s such a nice way to be able to present your images, it almost as a scrapbook feeling to it. It’s lovely to have some lovely pics of Ethan, and Azii and Skye at the beach, as well as some of our wedding photos which are now going to be perfect to display on our fridge when we get our own home. I love the concept behind these and I think they’re a lovely thing to have; as well as making fantastic gifts for family, especially with Christmas coming up! (I know, it’s not really, but people emailed me about Christmas posts and I did some sale shopping so suddenly it feels so much closer!)

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  1. ella grace October 12, 2014 / 8:38 pm

    This is a really cute idea! It is creative and beautiful. Xx

  2. - Karen October 12, 2014 / 8:57 pm

    Aw these are lovely! I completely agree about the importance of having photos printed, there really is something about having them ๐Ÿ™‚

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