Glossybox UK – Unboxing / Review – October 2014

I got my Glossybox a few days ago – Normally I’d post about it straight away but I’ve been poorly (actually unwell as well as bad fibro times!) so I haven’t got around to writing it up. Still quite poorly but at a bit of a loose end so thought I’d try to get some writing done – And you all need to know what’s available in this month’s Glossybox.

The theme, this month, is the Pop Art theme – I’d normally show you the little blurb on the card that comes with the box, at this point, but I didn’t get a card this month! I did get a card with a giveaway on one side and a preview of next month on it… Please stop putting previews in the boxes, Glossybox, I want a surprise!

 I was looking forward to this theme, though, I thought it’d be a chance to try out some new, bright, simple products… well let’s see what I got.

And this is what I got – You might be wondering where the colour is too? Well I remember seeing something about ‘which colour will you get’ on their Facebook page so, with the mascara and the black polish… well I’m guessing I got black…mmm
First up I got a small 8ml sample of the Rimmel ‘BB Cream – Matte’ in the shade ‘light’. I really do like getting high street products in boxes but tiny samples of high street isn’t quite as exciting – I already have a sample of this and it wouldn’t be expensive to buy. I like getting samples of higher end items or bigger sizes (I don’t mean full size but bigger than 8ml) of high st. This is a nice enough product, though, so I’m sure I’ll give this a go. To be honest, if this had  been part of an otherwise amazing box I would have been happy but because I’m not thrilled by much else in the box it makes this seem less appealing.
This was the preview item from last month’s box – I was hoping that the preview thing was a one off but seems not, we have a preview of next month’s box in this one which is disappointing.

Anyway, this is the  best item in the box – A travel sized, 50ml, tube of Nuxe ‘Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute’ – I love Nuxe and this is a product of theirs that I’ve not tried before so I am more than happy to have a good sized tube of this to try out. 

Next up it’s a perfume sample! Woo! Ok I’m being sarcastic, most people get a bit funny when there’s perfume samples in boxes and I must say I have got a tonne of little vials bouncing around these days… But! Well I don’t mind it when a perfume sample is a proper little bottle – And these bottle is really cute, you can see the half heart cut out which carries on to the other side of the bottle.

The perfume is an Yves Rocher product and it’s called ‘Quelques Notes d’Amour’ – It’s a very sweet fragrance with a lot of floral notes in there too. I don’t think it’d be to everyone’s taste but I quite likes it in a sickly sweet sort of way.

Next up is a So Susan ‘Flutter Mascara’ – It’s very nice to have a full sized cosmetics product in a box but I already have this mascara, from another box (I had actually thought it was GB but I’m not 100%) so I’m not overly excited – Also, this is why I think that the Pop Art colour I got was black which just means that the theme was pointless for me.
Yay for getting a Ciate nail polish in a box! Boo for it being black… I like black nail polish, but I have a very good one and Really don’t need another. If I’m getting a Ciate I’d really like it to be a nice colour, I’m really disappointed that it’s a black. It is a higher value item so I’m sure if other people got other colours then it’d have been a much better item for them.
Lastly I got this Etre Belle ‘Liplift Peel’ – This is a white, creamy consistency and has a very standard, body cream sort of scent to it… it’s not the nicest thing to have on your lips and if you accidentally get any in your mouth it doesn’t taste very nice. It has a few granules in it but I wasn’t wowed by it – I’ll stick with my tasty sugar scrubs I think!

So… yes. No colour at all, an item I didn’t like (which is Very rare), a Ciate in a shade I really couldn’t have wanted less, a duplicate full size mascara, a duplicate tiny tube of Rimmel BB cream, a cute little perfume sample and an awesome Nuxe product.

It’s not an awful box but it’s probably the worst box I’ve had, to date, it just isn’t for me – If I’d had a better colour Ciate and a different product in place of the mascara then I’d have been much happier. 

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  1. beautyqueenuk October 18, 2014 / 12:24 pm

    My box is the same though my Ciate is mint green which is lovely, but I wont wear it x

    • admin October 18, 2014 / 1:07 pm

      I'd have been more than happy with mint green, I've also seen someone with a dark purple which I'd have loved. Black is good, I like black polish, I don't wear it every day like I did back in my teens but it's essential for nail art – But I don't need something like a Ciate for that, I have a high st black which does the job nicely xx

  2. Kate Musgrove October 19, 2014 / 5:39 am

    It's not the worst box ever but it would of been nice to see a pop of colour and black just doesn't cut it for me. Shame about the duplicates but you have to expect that when you subscribe to practically every box lol. I like your beauty box posts though x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

    • admin October 20, 2014 / 3:40 pm

      Thing is is I Think it was GB I got it from, and not that long ago which is what was disappointing.

      Yeah, it's not a bad box, just not a great box for Me, and colour would've been nice, loads of others had a bold purple which I'd have gone mad for in the ciate

      But never mind xx

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