Makeup Revolution – Atomic lipstick range – Full range, swatched

I love getting Makeup Revolution post, it’s always an incredibly exciting time – The products that they’ve been rolling out with an amazing speed are just amazing and so interesting! Today I got some Makeup Revolution post and it brought me the whole range of exciting ‘Atomic’ lipsticks, some amazing colours without a doubt.

From L-R we have ‘Atomic Serpent’, ‘Make Me Tonight’, ‘Make it Right’, ‘Make Me Magnificent’ and ‘Atomic Ruby’

‘Atomic Ruby’ is a bright, blue toned red, even though my camera seems to want to make it look a little more orange. Thankfully the swatches are much more accurate so you’ll see better then. For obvious reasons there’s discussions that suggest that this shade may be a dupe of a famous lipstick which has some similarities in the name (if you know what I mean? haha)

‘Make Me Magnificent’ is the shade that has the most shimmer/sheen in it (there’s three with shimmer and two cream formula) – As you can see in the pic there’s a slight blue shimmer in it – It’s a rather entrancing shade.

‘Make it Right’ is a much darker, much more true purple shade than the lipstick above. It has some shimmer to it but nowhere near as much as the previous.

‘Make me Tonight’ is the second cream formula, no shimmer in this one. It’s a dark brown with a slight plummy hint to it.

Lastly, and the most unusual shade of the lot, is ‘Atomic Serpent’ – this dark, forest green, has a slight hint of shimmer to it.

And to the swatches. The shades are in the order that the photographs are above – You can see how red ‘Atomic Ruby’ is in this photo and you can see how it has the aforementioned similarities. As you can see, ‘Make Me Magnificent’ comes out as a more sheer, pinky purple shade when swatched and the large amount of shimmer in it will make a difference too. The last three are all quite easy to make opaque (like Atomic Ruby is) and you can see how fantastic these shades are.

I won’t lie to you, most of these shades are nothing like what I’d go for on a day-to-day basis but the shades are amazing, none the less, and I am rather pleased they’re in my collection as I’m sure I’ll come across times where they may be useful, Halloween is well on its way after all and makeup artists could use colours like this for a variety of striking looks.

The quality of these are great, as I’m sure many of us expect from Makeup Revolution – If you want to check these out, they’re only £1, they’re available here:

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  1. Julie Roo October 11, 2014 / 6:04 pm

    How just how have I never heard of this brand? Love that darker purple.

  2. Julie Bardoe October 11, 2014 / 7:03 pm

    I've just got home from work to see I've been sent these! can't wait to try them (have to photograph them first) They look fab! x

  3. Rosetta Baker October 16, 2014 / 6:12 pm

    Are the colour swatches at the bottom of the lipsticks like MUA in that you can unscrew them and they're filled with the product to use as little dip pots with brushes?

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